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Default Replacement Keys

Please note I am personally no longer offering this service, however you can still contact the other traders/members that do.

key service, and prices

Subscribed members

The options are

1. Supply key complete with new transponder, blank key & new casing, refurbished remote PCB coded to unlock, lock and start the car 70

2. Supply key as above but without remote facility, but starts the car

3. Send your EWS immobiliser unit to me, I will program a new transponder to work with your EWS unit, I will then post it back to you, and you can supply your own key blank, and fit the transponder to the casing.

Registered users

Add on 10 to the above price list, so to qualify for the discounted members prices, simply pay your subs, and enjoy the other benefits membership brings .

For options 1 & 2, you will have to bring the car to me, the operation takes roughly 1 Hour, and you'll get a cuppa & a biscuit whilst I do the job, also whilst I have T4 hooked up, any dealer options you may wish to have enabled or disabled can be carried out free of charge.

If you have bought a second hand key, I may also be able to utilise the remote locking PCB, so you would pay for option 2, but receive the option 1 service.

I'm currently unable to cut the key blanks to match your existing key, however most reputable locksmiths can carry this out for you, budget between 5 and 10 for this.

I would like to point out that these keys, which ever option you decide to choose, are NOT CLONES, and won't "fall out of sync" with your cars immobiliser they will behave in exactly the same manner as if you had paid over 180 from the dealer, with the exception that you have to get the keyblade cut.

I'm prepared to travel to you within a 50 mile radius of Newcastle Upon Tyne, however I will accommodate anyone prepared to travel to me.
For other regions such as Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and Lancashire, I suggest you contact BigRuss.
For the Home Counties, and South East contact Phil-T4 and for the West Midlands & surrounds, please contact Terry Shaw .
For Portsmouth and the South Coastal regions cb750chris is your man.
Finally Lovel will cover the North East of Scotland, and can offer a key cutting service to members.
Now all of these people are sterling chaps, and I'm sure be more than happy to assist.
Lot's of other stuff to be getting on with at the minute

New project has arrived, and it's still a Rover, and boy is it nice to drive

Take care everyone


Very important information


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