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Default Behold the sun and its magesty right now.

The suns activity the last few days has been nothing short of spectacular, especially from AR3664. Early this AM, it produced a major X3.9 flare. Multiple CME’s are on route to earth and may create a severe geomagnetic storm later today into the weekend

Tonight it may be possible to see some northern lights over the UK thanks to the uptick in sun activity as we hit the solar maximum for this cycle. Given the weakening condition of earth magnetic field ( a natural cycle every 6000 years) we are becoming more susceptible to Carrington like events from lower power sun spots and CME's in the X class range.

For those who have no idea about this it would be a good idea to look into it now as one day you may wake up with the power off and no radio, tv or phonr signal no internet and no idea why everybody is flapping about in a panic and why theres no water coming out your tap. The electricity grids are likely to go down globally and within the next decade and this could be lasting. Car ECU's will not survive such matters so travel will have ended along with the distribution of info in places like this.

I am just the messenger and wish you all well. I will be found on the nearest hill tonight observing the sky between 11pm - 2am

ZT-T Mk2 Jobs to do:

Renew auxiliary drive belt # Replace driver door lock actuator # Refurbish wheels

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