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Default How To - Replace Rain Sensor Gel Pad

Thought I would put together a wee guide for this job. It is fairly simple but the main hassle is getting a satisfactory finish with minimal air bubbles between the gel pad and the windscreen. My gel pad was easily bought from eBay and is the perfect size, unfortunately between it being delivered and myself fitting it, one of my cherubs had a go at folding it...... Still it went on fine and the end result of a better rain sensor was still gained but if you look at the last picture you will see where the crease in the gel pad was and if that hadn’t been there I think there would have been maybe one or two very small bubbles which is a vast improvement over what I started with.


Step one:
Remove the rear view mirror surround, I gently prised it apart at the top where the wiring goes in, this should come apart very easily, place both plastic parts somewhere safe

Step two:
You will now see the mirror and where it attaches to the windscreen, I disconnected the connector for the auto-dimming glass, then twisted mirror (taking care not to put strain on the mount by pulling or pushing it) till it popped off the mount. Place mirror in safe place and then disconnect rain sensor and carefully ease it off it’s mount.

Step three:
You will now be left with the ‘prism’!?! stuck to the windscreen with the old gel pad, carefully warm this up and ease it off. It can be very well stuck on depending on the condition of the pad. I used a trim tool also to get it off the windscreen.

Step four:
It’s cleaning time, you need to get all traces of the old gel pad off both surfaces. I used rubbing alcohol/surgical spirit, a cloth and for the windscreen side a sharp Stanley blade. I did start using the blade on the’ prism’ but noticed it was marking it, so just used warmth and rubbing alcohol to remove the residue.

Nice clean ‘prism’ part

I used a jug of boiling and a lid to sit the prism etc on top of so they warmed through, sticking the pad to the prism is fine and easy with little risk of air bubbles forming at this point.

I also warmed the windscreen prior to sticking the gel pad to it, this warming should help minimise air bubbles. I started at the top edge, got it as square as I could then ‘rolled’ it on from top to bottom.


After putting all back together I tested using a spray bottle with water and it was working perfectly especially when compared to before when it hardly triggered at all.

You are responsible for any work or modifications carried out on your car and you undertake any such work at your own risk. Neither The 75 and ZT Owners Club nor the original author of these How-To's can be held liable for anything that may happen as a result of you following these How-To's.
Any modifications should be reported to your insurance company.

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