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Posted a thing or two

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Originally Posted by chillyphil View Post
How dare you suggest that these are the worst energy suppliers, or that they are all as bad as each other!!!

It is very clear that Yu Energy are the very worst suppliers in the world!!!

I've been with them for over a year now.

Every monthly bill is incorrect.

The monthly overcharges range from £250 to over £2000.

I've complained twice to the energy ombudsman who have upheld every complaint I made and ordered Yu energy to compensate me and correct the bills.

Eventually after arguing with the ombudsman they corrected the bill.

The next month they overcharged by £200.

They agree they have overcharged and just refuse to correct it.

I'm about to make my third complaint to the ombudsman.

If you saw this behaviour in a film you would say it is too far fetched, but believe me it is exactly how they do business, bullying by email, phone and letter.

So let's have no more nonsense about who is worst.

Yu Energy are head and shoulders below the worst of the worst.

The bumpf on DD systems states that one can use a process to remove an entity from being part of the system. When I got the official information many moons ago (40+ years??) I was very sceptical but at the time all my automatic payments were by SO.

Events over the resulting years has only convinced me even more that this "promise" was never intended to be implemented. I had an instance whereby I had to change my account details to stop a company resurrecting a cancelled DD. I'm godsmacked that the Ombudsman has not implemented this safety measure. Look up the details and quote them to the Office of the Ombudsman. I'm would be intrigued what the response would be.
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Borg Warner
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Like any technology fine until it stops working:


Then try and tell your energy provider they are wrong.

Nothing wrong with reading your own meter in most circumstances as and when required. I do ours once a month and get my updated bill a couple of hours later.
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Well, had a reply from .gov and it is in effect using the Nuremberg excuse - as in we are an agency of Gov. but not responsible for its policy. Only following orders, eh?

Almost certain that I won't renew with my current provider, it is small and that is not without risk. If it is the case that the expenses fiddlers are behind this harassment then most if not all providers will likely be deploying the same excuse. But if harassment is the name of the game I would prefer to suffer it from one of the bigger providers and benefit from less risk of having to deal with a forced switch from a bust company - I've been there and it is not without hassle or cost.
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