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Unhappy CDTI Grating Noise - water pump?

Hope someone can advise on the most likely cause of a constant grating noise, sounding a bit like a worn pad on a disc, coming from the engine bay. It started a couple of days ago and has got louder until the auxilliary belt has now gone and the charging light is on. So either water pump, steering pump or alternator I guess? It hasn't made any squealing / high pitched noise at all, which is usually the sign of bearings failing in my experience. I understand the w/p is a pain to remove, but steering pump is quite easy? Cheers, Dave
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Have you checked the bottom pulley?
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This is a typical noisy pulley

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If the serpentine belt has come off then it should be pretty easy to find the cause. Did the belt snap or just fall off?

Check all the pulleys for play and alignment - a collapsed water pump bearing will throw the belt off.
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