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I really should get out more.......
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Originally Posted by jonathan63 View Post
I've spotted this http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classifi...=Estate&page=2
and it ticks most of the boxed. Its got a FSH, leather, a sun roof and a towbar. The dealer gets the thumbs up on Autotrader too.
It doesn't have heated seats or electric memory seats, both of which I have in the 75 but I only use the memory function.

It's a tough one though. Time to make plans to go see it.
That does look very nice. Are you intending to go and test drive?

Here is the one that I went to see/test drive, which I really liked. Being of a darker colour myself, the lighter colour cars and cream interior complement myself rather nicely.


It only has one key and a replacement one has to be purchased for £245 direct from MB.

I have done quite a lot of research over the last 24 hours and have decided to wait for a 2007 or later car in the right colour/interior combination. My rationale is as follows:

1. I will want to replace discs and pads plus have a full service B done straight after purchase which will cost over £700 using genuine parts at the local MB specialist independent. This by itself is fine.

2. Early W211 were fitted with a radiator that corroded internally and allowed coolant to enter the auto box. There is a risk that a car may have suffered from such failure in the past and could lead to very expensive repairs in the future.

3. Until 2006, W211 were fitted with a revolutionary SBC braking system that was quite problematic and lead to three recalls. Beyond that, it has a certain lifespan, in terms of the number of brake activations, and requires a counter reset on the MB diagnostic system. But, the failure rate on the pump has been rather high to the extent that up until 2012, MB were replacing them FOC as a "goodwill gesture". Now, the owner has to pay and the cost is around £1k for the pump plus £300 labour. This system was removed from the e-class from 2006 onwards, although I believe it continues to be used on the S-class.

4. Pre-2005 cars can suffer from premature wheel arch rust problems.

Taking all of the above into account, from my perspective, a late 2004 car will not have enough years of life left to justify buying the car and then having the prospect of spending another £2k on the braking system and possibly a similar amount on the gearbox in the worst case scenario.

I have decided to stick with my Omega until a 2008/9 e-class becomes available in the right colour combination.

I hope the above does not dampen your enthusiasm but may provide something to take into account when deciding whether to go ahead and buy one.

Originally Posted by cossie dunc View Post
I have a e320 cdi 2008 sport model which Mrs cossie Dunc uses as her daily transport

They are a cracking thing, loads of luxury, loads of toys and most importantly loads of torque
Mrs C-D clearly has class. Having seen the photograph, I would have thought that her daily transport would be an SLK.

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Old 21st March 2017, 22:08   #52
cossie dunc
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Mss........that made me laugh, she says she doesn't like 2 door cars

Keeping on topic.....here is a pic of her e class like her it's very pretty
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Used parts.....servicing.......mechanical repairs.......modifications

Call Duncan 07415 251 705
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