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Old 28th August 2021, 08:33   #1
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Default Warning - YODEL couriers

A word of warning to those sending parcels. DO NOT send use YODEL. I sold an item on EBay for £200 and it was sent by Yodel. Although I paid for next day delivery, the parcel never arrived. The tracking showed the parcel to be in Leamington and then two days the parcel and its tracking disappeared. The EBay buyer has ordered a charge back which I can’t dispute. Now I have the task of trying to sort out an insurance claim. Looking at reviews on internet, there is no chance of that happening. Do yourselves a favour, if you are sending a parcel – DO NOT USE YODEL, EVER !!!! Tell your friends as well.
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Old 28th August 2021, 21:44   #2
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some of the others are not much better. even asking for proof of purchase cost of a second hand part sale that you may have bought second hand years ago. taking months to investigate the loss.they dont want to payout and will use any excuse not to. in most instances these parcels are left at the depot undelivered still with their adress labels intact as they cannot cope with volumes. then after a month they go to the tip. there were photos on here about this scandle. ... enough said. ...
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Old 29th August 2021, 12:34   #3

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Default Unfair Criticism - Yodel

Having worked for Yodel for over 15 years, I think your comments are unfair.

We are the second largest parcel moving company in the UK and our "lost in transit" stats are 5.9%. 1 lost parcel is 1 too many but in the wider scale of things, it's a drop in the ocean.

The easiest way to log your complaint with Yodel is by emailing [email protected]

My car breaks down almost every week but I'm not on this forum flaming my beloved 75..

Some folk just love complaining 😊
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Old 4th September 2021, 17:46   #4
Gets stuck in
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It's always annoying when the post doesn't deliver but it happens from time to time with them all - I've experienced similar with just about every firm over the years at some point
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Old 21st October 2021, 14:35   #5

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Default Far better than tuffnells

5.9% is 59,000 for every 1,000,000 delivered, if that was the NHS surgical survival rates everyone would jump up and down. That said, Yodel are not too bad, it only takes one rogue driver or thief in the warehouse to wreck a reputation, maybe they should pay more to get better staff.
I had one thieved by tuffnells, sent a driver down and got it rescued from them, then a week later they tried to claim it was oversize and asked interparcel to claim £54. I should have known better, they stole 2 sets of brand new wheels and tyres a few years ago, so the seller switched to parcelforce and now wheels arrive!
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Old 12th November 2023, 14:07   #6
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Regards to parcel deliveries as we all are aware all delivery services fall short of our expectations and mission statements from time to time. To date I count myself very fortunate in as far as I have never failed to receive items bought from where ever. Just happened to see a delivery from a plain white van yesterday to the next door neighbour and realised when the driver was driving away he was very quick to deliver and depart. Alarm bells ! I knew no one was home and would'nt be back for some days,: deduced the delivery had been left on the doorstep. True enough a parcel labelled ebay was on the doorstep - no idea who the courier was - unmarked van. I picked up the parcel and although correct number but wrong name. Next day asked the postman if he knew the name and it was the same road but different number. So you can never be sure of receiving a delivery as intended ? There again to leave a parcel on a doorstep assuming it will be received by the householder absolutely ridiculous to say the least.
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