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Default VIS motors

VIS motors.

These are fitted to the KV6 engine 2.0 and 2.5 fitted in both ZT and the 75. Situated to the top left of the inlet manifold (identified by the yellow dots)the repacement of these is easily achieved


They can be troublesome little items. Whilst the car still runs, if these units have failed the failure of these can affect performance and economy. This makes the car feel underpowered and or sluggish.

The new retail cost of these is now over £100 each. This cost seemed excessive for the sum of their components so initially some 4 yr ago, I started taking them apart just to see how they work.

Looking in to the components I found switches are readily available and with a fair bit of detective work Between BigRuss and I, the relays were also found. Motors tend to come from USA, problem with this was the drive cog is pressed on in the factory and when fitting a new motor the drive cog would slip.

I have developed a little micro engineering set up to be able to re attach the drive cog to the drive shaft of the new motor, Drilling 0.8mm hole and tapping 1mm stainless bar was challenging to the old eyes I must say.

Testing was always a problem for owners and expanding on some good work by Rleon I have built and developed VIS testers that are used not only in this club but as far away as Australia, New Zealand and Scandinavia.

I have gradually moved deeper into the refurbishment of these units. Always looking for improvements and developments. The number of refurbishments i have undertaken for members runs into many hundreds, hopefully saving them a pretty penny. The main drive behind it though is the cars, something about them is special, if we could bottle it it would be a best seller

I have now incorporated improvements on the original design into my refurbs, some pioneered by others, such as securing the micro switches to the pcb by drilling and tapping them and I am now field testing ( with the help of some guinea pigs ) the latest self testing VIS motors, designed solely my myself.

Initial results are very encouraging. Hopefully in future on all the VIS motors I build, with the press of a button the motor can be tested in situ. This will give owners the ability to periodically test the Vis motors without the need for expensive diagnostic sessions.

Any member who is in need of a VIS refurbishment can feel free to contact me via PM to discuss cost. Bearing in mind I do have a full time job and the service I offer is almost at cost, all done in my spare time.

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