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Default Auto Boot Lift Mod

Auto Boot Lift Mod

I have recently been working on an automatic boot lifting mod, that will fully open the boot with a press of your remote button, or the in car boot release button.
This mod has been fully tested on a mk2 facelift 75 saloon. It cannot be guaranteed to work on a zt with boot spoiler, purely for the fact that I haven't tried one as yet. If anybody wishes to purchase a set for their zt to try then this is fine
As of the moment, this mod doesn't work on a tourer tailgate due to the geometry of the tourer hinge assembly being different. I will however, be trying to develop this mod to suit the tourer at a later date.
I now have sought suppliers for all the materials required, and have managed to keep costs to a minimum.
I must stress that this is a 'Non Profit Venture'. I have NO financial gain from it.
It is purely something that I wanted for my car, and once perfected, wanted to offer it to other fellow members.

A little more about the mod now
This video is the development stage of the 1st version I tried, which worked pretty well.


However, I wasn't 100% happy with it, so back to drawing board

This video is the near finished product minus one part (plastic bush to keep spring central)


The springs are being manufactured specially for this mod, locally to me.
They will be manufactured from a galvanised steel, so no rust issues later down the line.
The other parts used will be made by myself using stainless steel and nylon, so again, no rust issues
The whole assembly is then covered in heat shrink to give it a more oem and aesthetically pleasing look.
Due to the fact that I have to keep down a 12 hour a day job, and have family commitments, I will be offering these kits on a list basis. I expect to be able to produce 10 sets per week, with the first sets being ready to ship, week commencing Monday 28th May 2012.
The cost of the kits will be £30 per set inclusive.
I'll offer them in 2 ways.

1. As a kit, which will include 2 springs, 2 nylon bushes, 2 nylon washers, 2 stainless steel spacers, 4 galvanised penny washers and 2 lengths of heat shrink tubing. I'll also either send out fitting instructions with these, or create a how to on the forum for you to refer to.

2. For the people that don't want the DIY version, I'll do a completely made up set of struts which will take you 5 minutes to swap over. This is on an exchange basis though, and it requires you to be able to swap the struts over within 7 days of receiving the new ones, and send me your old struts back, ready to be modded for another person.

The cost as mentioned earlier is £30 inclusive for either option to UK destinations. Outside the UK will incur extra postage charges.The advantage of option 1 is that you won't have to pay an extra postage cost to send your old struts back to me.
I think that covers everything but if you have any further questions, feel free to ask, and I can amend the above to suit if required.

I will start a list for you to add your interest on in This thread, click here. When your turn becomes available I'll pm you my PayPal details. Once payment is received, I'll send goods
Please remember to add a 1 or 2 next to your name, so I know which version you would like.
If payment isn't received within 7 days of receiving my pm, then I'll move onto the next person.
Thanks for looking

For anybody without remote unlocking of their boot, then the following link explains the mod to do this
Total closure for less than £20 Credit to Raistlin for this

I won't be held responsible for any damage caused by ill fitting or weak struts, hinges etc. The fitting of these is at the owners risk.

Payment requests will be sent a few days before dispatch.

Auto Boot Lift Mod How To

Here is a 3 part video How-To for my Auto Boot Lift Mod, enjoy

Part 1


Part 2

Part 3


You are responsible for any work or modifications carried out on your car and you undertake any such work at your own risk.
The 75 and ZT Owners Club nor the original author of this How-To can be held liable for anything that may happen as a result
of you following this How-To.
Mods so far:
Plenums, bonnet release mod, handbrake compensator (arctic), rear parking sensors, coolant level sensor (Vindaloo), DRL's, Fan resistor upgrade ( Jules), Marmite lighting, Auto dimming rear view mirror, twin horns, fog lights, real walnut dash, walnut gear knob, Sean DD unit with DVB-T, message centre ipk, electric sun blind, auto opening boot lid, walnut steering wheel, electric seats

Link to my Auto Boot Lift Mod

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