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Default Arctic's Modified Handbrake Compensator

This is the up to date Stainless Steel Handbreak Compensator fitting for our Rover 75 MG ZT cars from start to finish.

Stainless Steel compensator which replaces the mild steel one on our cars

Right lets get started make sure you have all your tools ready as below 1b

Most of the work is carried out from the near side of the car (Passengers Side).

Adjust front passenger seat as far forward as possible Fig 1

Now adjust the front drivers seat forward and down as far as possible Fig 2

With the front seats adjusted you can now remove the two screws from the side of the console using the long posidrive screwdriver very easy on the drivers side as the seat lower Fig 3

Move round to the passengers side and remove that screw also put these safe for re-fitting when the compensator as been fitted Fig 4

Next we turn our attension to removing the handbrake gaiter to expose the front adjuster nut Fig 5

Push down the top of the gaiter and pull forward Fig 6

There are four clips either side of the gaiter these can be pressed in to release the gaiter from the handbrake you may have to twist the handle part as it maybe a bit sticky then remove fully Fig 7

With the gaiter removed you have access to the front cable adjuster nut 13mm Fig 8

Now using a long reach deep 13mm socket undo the adjuster nut flush with the top of the thread,if washers or spacers have been used under the nut you will need to remove the nut altogether to remove them, you can then replace the adjuster nut flush with the top of the thread once they have been removed.Fig 9

With the adjuster nut flush with the top of the thread you are ready to move to the rear of the car to carry on with fitting the compensator.Fig 10

First make sure you have lowered the handbrake fully and the car is in gear or park Fig 11

Now from the rear near passengers side first remove the carpet kicker by sliding it to the front of the car, rear passenger side, to the rear on the drivers side Fig 12-13


Now pull away the rubber door seal from the bottom and hafl way up the door frame Fig 14

Next pull out the bottom of the side panel gently it just clips into the frame Fig 15

Now with the door card removal tool take out the black centre carpet plug if you do not have this tool use a wide flat ended screwdriver Fig 16

Now go round to the drivers side and repeat the process from figs 12 to 16

Not forgeting the side panel must be unclipped the the bottom Fig 18

You must now peel the carpet from under the side panel as far as the seat belt anchor do this both sides Fig 19

Now you can pull and pop uo the corner of the rear seat squab Fig 20

Do the same on the passengers side pop up the corner of the seat Fig 21

With this done you can now remove the rear ashtray situated at the rear of the console, open it and pull it down and out sharply Fig 22

Now the rear ashtray compartment is removed you will see two 10mm bolts these need to be taken out Fig 23

Remove the bolts using a ratchet spanner 10mm Fig 24-25


We can now lift and prop up the rear of the console using a piece of 2"x 2" wood with a V cut out or a piece of broom handle 8" long i used a wooden spindle Fig 26

Wedge this in the seat runner and prop up the drivers side of the rear of the console Fig 27

This now give you access to the little bit of carpet that i like to cut as it helps later when lifting the rear of the carpet up and also gives you better access to the front cable black clip, this is not seen after the console is lowered down Fig 28

With the little carpet cut you can open this and gain easy access to the front cable retaining clip (black) open the carpet Fig 29-30


You will now see the black clip this must be removed to release the front cable from the compensator dont forget i am working from the near side of the car leaning in from the passenger footwell and door Fig 31

Reach round and press the ends of the black clip together and it wiil come out very easy put this safe after removing as this is most important Fig 32

With the clip removed you can release the front cable from the stretched compensator leave it lying under the carpet for now Fig 33 33A


Time to go back the the corner of the seats we pulled up earlier to pull the carpet from the lug it is held over both sides Fig 34-35


Now that both corners are free the centre of the rear carpet will follow, it is ready to be pulled up to expose the compensator steel cover Fig 36

Now again working from the passengers side rear door opening reach in and pull the carpet up if you have someone helping you they can pull it up from the drivers side at the same time, far easier with two people. Fig 37

If you are working on your own cut your self two pieces of wood approx 10"-12" long you can use these to hold the carpet back and up for you Fig 37B

With the carpet pulled up lying on the rear seat reach over and push in the rear inner corner of the carpet nearest to the steel cover the will give you access to the drivers side torx 27 bolt there are three altogether. Fig 38

You can now use the small ratchet with the torx 27 bit in it to undo the bolt Fig 39

Now you can do the passenger side torx again pushing in the inner corner carpet to give you most access Fig 40-41


Finaly remove the last torx on top of the cover plate Fig 42

You are now ready to change out the stretched compensator for the modifed Stainless Steel compensator which is a one time fit and will not stretch unhook the two rear cables from the compensator and remove Fig 43-44



Offer up the new Stainless steel compensator and fit it you can do this two ways fit the front cable first and fit the black clip or fit the rear cables first then fit the front cable not forgetting the black clip. Fig 45

Here i am showing you the front cable and rear cables fitted before i have fitted the black clip just to show how all cables are in the right place Fig 46

Most important the black clip must be fitted to hold in the front cable Fig 47-48


Replace the cover plate over the compensator Fig 49-50


You can now adjust the front cable adjuster nut leaving 25mm from the top of the nut Fig 51-52


As this member had already adjusted at the rear drums using the knurled nuts his handbrake only needed to be adjusted to 20mm as opposed to the usul 25mm recommended, if when you have adjusted to the 25mm the handbreak is not holding on three clicks you must bring the nut back flush with the top of the thread and adjust at both rear druns first then adjust at the front cable again to 25mm Fig 53-55



Once you are satisfied with the adjusment refit the the carpet and trim not forgetting the two console side screws, the Stainless steel compensator swap is now complete, note the time from the first photo 11.30am and the last photo 12.09pm and i was taking photo's because it is your first time fitting allow your self an hour good luck Arctic
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