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Old 20th November 2023, 19:15   #1
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Default Electrical gremlin

Evening all

An electrical question for you... we've just put my ZT190 back on the road after a 6 months rest and it has an annoying issue.

I cannot alarm/lock the car with the fob (yes I changed the battery in the fob). The red button on the fob flashes when I press the 'alarm' button but the car does not respond.

I have to lock (with the interior door plunger) the rear doors and passenger door, and then the drivers door with the key.
I can, however, unlock/un-alarm the car with fob as usual.
The car does lock and unlock using the centre console button

As suggested elsewhere I disconnected the negative terminal on the battery for 10 mins and reconnected. It did work a couple of times after that, but then stopped again.

Any thoughts please?
Anyone in the Leeds/York area who could have a look with me at it maybe?

Many thanks

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Nip over and see Russ (BigRuss) in Liversedge.

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you haven't left a key in he car have you?
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Old 22nd November 2023, 08:10   #4
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Originally Posted by YorksMG2013 View Post
I cannot alarm/lock the car with the fob (yes I changed the battery in the fob).
I can, however, unlock/un-alarm the car with fob as usual.
Any thoughts please?
Hello Andrew,

This, from RAVE, may be of interest to you.

The remote control buttons on the key fob operate a condition called superlocking. Each door has an actuator assembly (the door lock and latch unit) which contains two motors; one for central door locking and a second for superlocking (which can be operated only by the key fob buttons).

It appears to be the superlocking which is not fully working on your car.

Do you plan to contact Russ or will you be looking at this yourself?

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Mike Noc
This is my second home
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Worth noting that you can't lock the car with the remote if the driver's door is open. You should hear a beep to alert you. Try opening the driver's door, the interior lights should come on, and then shutting it and make sure the interior lights go off after a short delay - around 15 seconds or so.
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