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Default Posting Pictures or Photos - It's easy

There is an image hosting facility right here on the forum you can try. To use it, do the following:

1) Click 'Upload an image' from the Image Gallery drop down

2) In the next screen click Browse to open another window and find the picture on your computer

3) Click Open, then Host It

4) In the next screen, find the uploaded image and click your mouse inside the BB Code IMG box

5) Then press CTL & C at the same time to copy the text inside the box.

6) Go to your post and press CTL & V to paste the code straight into the message.

The pictures you upload to the forum must be a maximum size of 6500 width x 6500 height and file size no larger than 10000 KB. The image gallery will automatically resize your pictures to a more viewable maximum size of 800 x 600, and you can upload gifs, jpegs, bitmaps and .png files.

Just be aware that some images taken on smart phones may be so large in size that the forum software doesn’t recognise them as proper pictures so you may get a message saying ‘image is not a picture’

The current version of iPhone software now allows you to select the size of the image you want to upload. If prompted on your phone don’t select the default of ‘actual size’ but scroll to the next size called ‘large’ and use that.

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Default How to Upload photos / images to the forum

Because of the Photobucket fiasco and the fact that people seem to be having trouble with this, I have outlined the steps needed to upload photos / pictures to the forum and link them in a post, this way the photos will be permanently on the forum and will never be deleted (unless by a mod), You don't need anything other than your photos / pictures and a PC to do this. (You can do it from ios and Android as well)

Left click means “Click the left mouse button once”
Right click means “Click the right mouse button once”

1) Start a new thread and write what you need to.

2) Scroll down to "Additional options"

3) Left click on "Manage Attachments"

4) Left click "Browse" on the new window that pops up, then browse to where you stored the photograph you want to upload on your PC / Device, left click the picture you want to upload to the forum.

5) Left click on “Upload” and wait while the picture loads to the forum

6) RIGHT click the link to the picture you have just uploaded and select “Copy link location” (Firefox) or “Copy shortcut” (Internet Explorer) from the menu that pops up

7) Go back to your new post and left click where you want to insert the picture you just uploaded (the cursor should be the normal flashing bar, then left click on the “Insert Image” icon on the “Post new thread” toolbar

8) Nearly there now!! In the box that pops up there should be http:// highlighted in blue

9) RIGHT click on the highlighted http:// and select paste

10) This will paste the location of the image you just uploaded into the new post you are creating. The link should look something like this:-

You will be pleased to know that this is the end and you have successfully pasted your picture into the new post you just made.

Some things to bear in mind are

A) You are limited to 7 pictures per Post, if you need to add more either reply to your own post and paste another 7 each time or contact an admin

B) Photos and pictures should be resized to 800 x 640 pixels to work best on the forum, higher resolution will lead to “oversize” pictures on your post, which will make it difficult to see the whole picture without scrolling, whereas if the pictures are too small they will be difficult to see.

C) Using the method above will automatically add thumbnails to the end of your post.

D) You need to complete the above steps for each picture you want to insert into your post

E) Don’t edit the final link generated at step 10, you will break the link.

Here is how to correctly size your picture:-


Here is an explanation of the differences between Thumbnail and full size pictures:-


This how to is also available as a download pdf file so you can print it off for reference, just click the link in this post.
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Default PDF File

Link to the PDF File with all the instructions in above post.

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I am NOT a number, I am 75
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