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Default Porch on a sloping pitch

I have always had problems on one of my favourite sites, with porch awnings, due to the sites side to side slight slope. It's not much, just a three inch or so difference in height between the two wheels of the caravan, so the downhill wheel has to be on a levelling ramp.

Awning fits on the uphill side of caravan, which means the awning is under strain, trying to push itself away from the bottom of the caravan - caravan level/awning level with the ground itself.

My work around has been to add guys lines at the base of awning walls, close to where they meet the caravan and pass the two guy lines under the caravan - so I can peg them at the far side.

I have just bought a 'Lock n Level' one of those inflatable things, which goes under a wheel to be blown up to raise it. I'm thinking have the uphill wheel part way up my usual ramp, downhill wheel on the LnL, will make it a slightly easier/better compromise for the awning.

My other bright idea is to site the caravan at 45 degrees to the slope, despite all the other caravans being at 90 degrees to the slope, thus dividing the difference in height by half.

My latest awning is an air awning, which could be even more of an issue, than it's predecessor a fibre pole porch awni

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