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Originally Posted by edwardmk View Post
I've been following this thread with great interest and finally acquired my first ever brand new car at full retail price
It's an MG 4 X Power. Had a road test and came back with a big smile. Went for plain white since other colours were extra.
Pro's are many. One pedal driving is effortless around the town. Acceleration is nuts. Charging at home is fine on a 13a socket for our own needs. I did a round trip Redruth to Plymouth with some pottering around in between and arrived back with 30% charge left. Weather was cold with heater set to 23c (as instructed by swmbo).
Full use of heated seats and steering wheel. I feel the stated real world range of around 185 miles is fair for winter driving. Really nice sound system, eerily quiet having no ICE under the bonnet. 7 year warranty is re-assuring.

There are a few irritants at present. Complex software which reverts to a default setting of 'normal' every time the car is locked. Don't much appreciate collision assist as a normal setting adjusting my steering for me on winding local roads! Unstable bluetooth connection to my phone. And just now, told by OVO energy that this model isn't compatible with their charge anytime EV tariff of 7p/kw hour. Currently paying 26p/kw/hr still means much cheaper than a tank of petrol, but my insurance came in at £500 with Halifax who were the cheapest by far. So no real saving being exempt from VED.
I'm hoping it turns out to be reliable and doesn't burst into flames, die going through a puddle or refuse to stop as has happened to other unfortunate EV owners.
Having said that, I'm enjoying the car (so far). Fingers crossed

Congratulations on your new MG 4 X power, What a fantastic machine it must be with all that power. Totally agree about the one pedal driving, it makes driving around town so much easier.

I know what you mean about the changing overnight cheap tariffs with some chargers & providers, They seem to keep moving the goalposts on that one. I would have a search on the MGEVs MG 4 forums to see what electricity suppliers others are going for.
I shall be looking into other tariffs for mine shortly.

Yeah the car going back to the default setting every time you switch off is a pain for sure.

I read there are software updates for MG's to make the charging handshake between car & the Tesla supercharger network more reliable.

It seems Ad Hoc what software updates the dealerships do, For instance my ZS EV hasn't had any software updates whatsoever in over three years I've had it

I'm not particularly bothered as the car has been faultless.

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