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Old 21st March 2017, 15:09   #11
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Originally Posted by willster View Post
I can recomend the klarius , its as quiet as the original in my book and very reasonably priced . Even if you need two over the next few years its still less than half the price of a stainless system.
Would you recall price or supplier?
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Jobs done.Plenum, bonnet divider,Turbo seals & security, lower and hydra mount. Steering wheel. Leather seats.exhaust.New tyres.All drive belts.Anti noise kit, PSA pump.Audio/CD upgrade.
Revotek fan fitted.Coil protectors. Auto transmission fluid change(properly).Engine tray. Dash cam hard wired.
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Old 22nd March 2017, 14:49   #12
I really should get out more.......
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Originally Posted by Caskin View Post
Hi Neil First thing noted we are from the same neck of the woods!!Do you have a Klarius fitted? If so is your bus a tourer?Is it quiet interior wise?
In the past I have always had saloons,V6 and diesel, changed to tourer in the hope of avoiding coil spring problems, anyhow in the cars no problems with interior but with the tourer there is at the moment a booming resonance especially at low revs.The exhaust is new, garage chosen and fitted, so possibly run of the mill cheap. certainly has a round end box, as opposed to original oval?
Klarius I note has oval box as OEM,what I would like is some clarification from tourer owners that it capable of absorbing noise and not creating interior resonance?
There must be any amount of Forum tourer owners happy with which ever exhaust they have fitted, so would be nice to get some feedback,,,,,but so far your Klarius suggestion is best
I'm not that far away from yourself.

Mine's a saloon and I think it still has the original Rover exhaust on as the car has only done just over 51,000 miles from new.

I did own an MG ZT-T CDTi for a year which had a full Klarius straight through exhaust on, (not fitted by me).
It went extremely well especially as it had a 160 remap and all the other mods done to it.
Sadly I had to sell it due to being very ill and unable to keep both cars on the road. My Rover 75 didn't move for 7 months and the ZT for 4 months.

The member I bought it off and who bought back off me is Matt Darke, send him a PM he will give you far more information than I can.

Garages don't always make the best recommendations.

I'm lucky in that department because some good friends of mine own an extremely good garage and what I tend to do is I supply the parts and they fit them for me.

I will be having a new exhaust this year but I will be going down the stainless steel route and I'm after a performance exhaust, not really bothered about additional noise in fact I prefer it, that's the childish part of me, brings back memories of my misspent youth in quick cars.

There is a Longlife Exhaust Centre in Plymouth, doesn't hurt to ask if you are interested - https://www.longlife.co.uk/Longlife-Plymouth
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Old 22nd March 2017, 17:10   #13
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I used the Longlife agent in Taunton to have a cat back system made/installed on the Tourer. Discussed options for muted sound, very pleased with results.

Remember a stainless exhaust will sound tinny when new until it's "settled in". Can't remember the exact price but think it was about £340 plus VAT.

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Old 22nd March 2017, 17:22   #14
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Default Exhaust

I had a Longlife stainless steel done at Tony Banks in Leeds on my Tourer

and it cost around £550, and will never have to worry about that again


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