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Default D-Day

Much will be said today and around this period to commemorate the events of those manic days eighty years ago.
I have sat in my lounge this morning, drinking my cup of tea, looking at the walls of my home. If those who left our shores those eighty years ago did not go, would I be here to do what I want, when I choose............
Goodness knows even as to my existence..........I am grateful.
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I have respect for those who have served, and are serving.

My late father landed on the beaches eighty years ago, he was with the 11th Armoured Division, serving as the radio operator/driver. He came home without any serious physical injury but mentally he was injured. He never spoke of the horrors he had seen. I have only found out what he went through by doing the research.

I still have his pay book, Bible, his medals and a few other bits to remind me of his, and others bravery, so that we could live in a free world.

235,536. MG club weekend away on the horizon.

onen hag oll
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I see that our troops who took part in the para drops were made to produce their pi$$pots on landing by the frogs.

Pity that our current and very own D-day dodger on the day did not stick around long enough to remind his French counterpart that these proceeding would have been rendered utterly unnecessary had the French subjected the Germans to the same in 1940.
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Like every year in June it's the Anglo-French quizz at the castle of Lastours vineyards with our English mate James as the leader for a cancer research charity.
Good meal, good wines, good music, good mates and good laugh.
But we decided to do the the D-Day 80th anniversary celebration in style: red white blue like the Union jack close to my 56 year old P5B coupe.
And if scoped from right to left obviously it gives the French flag. Your choice!

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Well done, and what a lovely Rover.

As for he who is missing without action - there aren't enough (polite) words in either English or French to comment.
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The fact that nobody foresaw the consequences doesn't say much for him or his advisors.

T4 Location Map
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Old 17th June 2024, 06:10   #7
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Regards the passport issue it could be that the French might be victims of poor reporting. I've since read that it was requested so the visiting troops could get their passports stamped with the appropriate date and stamp to commemorate the event and their involvement with it. It seemed a bit odd from the off as I don't think that it is the norm between NATO members for troops deployed on exercise etc,.
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