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Rover 75 Estate

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Default Rover 75 1.8T Manual Tourer - now SOLD!


This is my late father in laws car. He hardly used it after 2020 due to health issues - but he kept it taxed, tested, insured "just in case". Just before he passed he loaned it to his grandson who did about 800 trouble free miles earlier this year. It is now time to find it a good home. Please read the details below for its history and what I know about it to date. Now price £499 ono, North Derbyshire. PM for more images at full resolution. Never smoked in. It would be a shame to scrap it! Going on a SORN at end of this month, and will need insuring if anyone wants to test drive it now.

75 Contemporary SE T Tour, Firefrost red
1796cc Turbocharged, Manual gearbox

Date Event
18/05/04 First registered
14/12/06 Purchased by FiL from Drayton Motors, Clatterbridge, 2nd owner. Milage 35,020
12/03/07 Serviced at Drayton
16/05/07 Handbrake adjust, wheel bearing, suspension arm, hub replaced 37,968m
31/03/08 Battery replaced
13/05/08 Service 45,749 miles, new rear discs/pads, new electric mirror switches
10/09/08 Battery replaced again, 47,293 miles
19/05/08 Airbag wiring fault
14/05/09 Service, Front pads and discs, alternator and auxillary drive belts, airbag fault 51,390m
12/05/10 Service, new cambelt, rear coil spring, rear exhaust assembly, airbag light 57,390m
20/09/10 Coolant leak, New modified head gasket, 58,601 m
14/05/11 Service, battery replaced, airbag circuit, new oil seal to front of crankshaft. 62,410 m
04/05/12 Service 67,012m
01/12/12 Coolant leak. Inlet manifold seepage. NSR shock replaced 69,340
08/05/13 Service/mot. 2 new rear tyres, front exhaust bracket welded, 71,663
24/08/13 Exhaust repair 72,686
29/01/14 Clutch slave failed. New clutch, slave cylinder. 74,432
13/05/14 Service, MOT 75,566
07/05/15 Service, MOT – water in boot, drains drilled 80,106
10/12/15 Service, MOT – cat. Conv. replaced, New pollen filter, water leak- drains cleared 82,676
04/05/16 Service, MOT. 84,449
22/01/17 Instrument faults – 2nd hand replac’t, milage less 31,120 – now 55,335 New battery
11/05/17 service MOT, new OSR spring, repaired top hose 56,786/87,906
06/06/17 Coolant leak – radiator hose replaced
06/12/17 water ingress – sunroof drains, modified
05/02/18 Wiring repair – headlight bulb holder replaced, milage 57,886/89,006
14/05/18 MOT/service. Welded front exhaust bracket 58,967/90087 miles
12/06/18 Coolant leak
10/08/19 Jacking point welded. Service and MOT. New cambelt, camshaft oil seals, airbag fault
22/12/19 Rear antiroll bar bushes replaced, 63,149/94,269 miles
12/09/20 Rear silencer

Since 2020 health issues largely prevented car being used. It was driven to the garage each year for an MOT and service, and run stationary regularly (he liked just sitting in it). It had a new battery and a windscreen replacement for a crack (?stone flicked up by passing traffic or vandalization?) that appeared one night within the last 12 months. There are 2 functioning keys and a mint Haynes manual, space saving spare, warning triangle, jack.

The issues discovered so far:

An EP warning on the dash display. Probably because the replacement (see 22/1/17) came from an automatic
Screen on ICE blank. Radio works, but takes a few seconds to start up.
Saggy headlining over the luggage area.
Moderate clouding of headlamp lenses
Slightly saggy/rattly drivers door trim
Small dent L rear wheel arch
Scratch through to the plastic Rt rear bumper
Small scrapes from a gate Rt door
The alloys are a bit corroded
Tyres: there are receipts for tyres – 2 in 2007, 2 in 2009, 2 in 2015 and 1 in 2019. The date codes appear to be FR 4220, RR 5114 RL 2919 and unbelievably FL 2999 – I can’t believe it has a tyre older than the car. It looks the oldest but maybe I’m looking at the wrong number. He drove slowly but the tread is still good. On visual appearance I’d swap at least the FL, and on dates the RR

Pre MOT check done 25/4/24 at http://www.ladywoodgarage.co.uk/ (I asked for a straightforward honest appraisal) – there are 3 issues that need sorting, the two tyres as above and one of the jacking point welds from 2019 needs redoing SLR photos available to PM on request
MOT to July 24th 2024

Tax 1st June 2024

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