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Car Of The Month :
April 2014

'Blue Moon' by Fusilier

I first became interested in the Rover 75 and MG ZT marque in 2004 when I purchased an MG ZT 160+ in Anthracite in March of that year;
I had that car for nearly 8 years. In March 2010 I thought that I would like to do a project car and purchased another MG ZT 160+ in Trophy Blue for £750, at the time it was in dire need of some tender loving care.

The car amongst other problems was suffering with fuelling issues; so I set about resolving the problems which required fitting new fuel pumps, fuel rail and inlet manifold plus a full service, including cam belts at a total cost of £700

I then cleaned the body and underside of the ZT, then a good wash, clay, machine polish, and wax. Whilst underneath I noticed that the exhaust back box has rusted through the outer skin so I decided that when I had finished cleaning the underside I would get a stainless steel system fitted by Longlife Exhausts.

Next on the list was to address the interior of the car, initially I fitted a new matrix cover to the driverís seat.

I now started taking the ZT to meets and shows.

I looked for a Monaco Blue interior to fit and located a set for sale at £45, including courier fees the complete set cost £90, these were then fitted and the previous Matrix seats were sold to a member.

I then sourced a set of straights and had them powder coated plus new tyres fitted. Iíve kept the original hairpins which Iíd 5 months earlier also had powder coated and new tyres fitted to. The front brakes have been updated to 190 specification and new pads have been fitted all round.

And my final upgrade to date was to fit one of Radioguyís Double Dins after painting the complete dash, I have now gone back to the original and fitted Simonís chrome ring sets.

I entered the car last year in the concours event at the MG ZT Northern Nationals and won first prize.

This is the finished car, after many long nights of hard work.

I am smitten by these cars, and this year have taken on a new MG ZT 190 project, so hopefully this will come up to the same standard as Blue Moon.

Article written by member Fusilier

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