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August 2014

'Zeba-T' by drewsta82

I came about owning Zeba-T due to a run in with the police back in December 2012.

I was on my way to my mum’s for Christmas, thankfully the 27th, while I was at the island by junction 4 on the M5 a police Range Rover came down the road at high speed, not to an emergency as no blues and twos. The officer decided to change lanes at the very last minute but he only had about 35 feet to stop at roughly 70 mph. He ploughed right into the back of my pride and joy of over 5 years, my gorgeous 206 gti, I’d been planning to drop a V6 in the front and then all of a sudden no more car.

I very nearly got shunted into live motorway traffic, I was dazed and couldn’t escape and if it hadn’t been for the boot full of speakers, subs and amps I could have been killed. The impact had been so severe the rear lights were touching the rear seat, I managed to push the door open and get out. The next thing I remember is waking up in Redditch hospital, I had suffered bad concussion, bruises and cuts. I was told if it hadn’t been for my physical size I could have been killed.

Being me I kind of shook it off and discharged myself two days later, I wasn’t going to miss New Year’s Eve, I just bought a big bottle of Jack Daniels! Soon after I broke down in tears and said goodbye to my Peugeot, my old friend went to the scrap yard in the sky. I did manage to salvage some bits and pieces but not a lot though.

The hunt was on for another car and one with a decent size V6 and there she was, an MG ZT-T, I fell in love straight away. I must have her! So I coughed up a grand and drove her home.

Since, she’s had to have a full re-spray thanks to my little brother. I asked him to clear the snow off my car and warm her up one morning as I was getting ready for work, he cleared the drive and my car with the snow shovel do’h!

So since then I’ve upgraded the brakes, dash, vis motors and power steering pump, the list goes on

• Handbrake compensator
• Plenum spy hole mod
• 6000k xenon bulbs
• 190 Brake upgrade
• Heko wind deflectors
• Repaired the tear in the driver’s seat
• Repainted the alloy rims in anthracite
• Smiley rear number plate
• LED bulbs all round
• Chrome vent rings on the dash
• Purple interior lighting, goes well with the blue leather
• Replaced MG badge
• Replacement rear light clusters
• Lazy vent enabled
• 177bhp remap
• K & N air filter
• Chrome fuse box cover
• Full re-spray - thanks bro!
• Bonnet bra – not to everyone’s liking but serves a purpose

It’s been a labour of love, so many people don’t think much of it until they sit in my ZT-T and feel the power. It’s the best car I have owned and is adored by all, even my best friend has bought an estate, a Ford Focus mind you, to be like me.

When I go out for a drive in Zeba-T I feel like a king, so proud, so in love with my car, it’s part of the family. I’m always doing things to improve her looks and sound, yes, she might not be to everyone’s liking but she’s a reflection of me and I want the best things in life, this goes down to my car and what she represents.

Article written by member drewsta82

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