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August 2019

'Incognito Blue' by Mickyboy

Here is my ex press garage MG ZT Diesel 135+

I have owned this beautiful car since early 2014, and bought it from the other side of the country after seeing it for sale. Myself and my wife always liked the colour Trophy Blue and I wanted an early facelift model. When I purchased the ZT I knew it had a number of advisories and expected to have to get out the spanners so to speak.

Once Id finished with the spanners I moved onto the interior as I wanted the dash and switch panels to match the bodywork, I also wanted a real wood pre project drive fascia, so got my father whos a professional paint sprayer to spray the fascia making sure the airbag word was still displayed.

I then moved onto some upgrades such as replacing the Fuel Burning Heater and adding a T80 remote.

From there I progressed to replacing the axis half leather seats for a blue alacantara set to match the dash, and once this was done I fitted some chrome vent surrounds from Simon, next I fitted cruise control and illuminated sun visors, and then swapped the highline head unit for an aftermarket double din system adding a front and rear parking camera.

After doing this I then decided to add a manual rear sunblind and once all of this had been done my father then repainted some of the bodywork in his spray booth to bring it up to standard, and I set about refurbishing the 11 spoke alloy wheels

After some time I had managed to get the car to a standard that I was happy with, I then maintained it to that standard, including a new clutch and in over five years of my ownership it has only ever had one advisory during its MOT test history, I have with my family travelled all over the country in this car and had some amazing times covering approximately 50,000 miles in that time.

Of all the MGZTs and Rover 75s I have owned this is one of my favourites, not only because it was my first ZT but because of the memories I shall always hold of it, finally I named it incognito blue due to the fact that I changed its internal identity.

Article written by member Mickyboy

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