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December 2014

'My Pride and Joy' by rashi_g_h

I come from a family of British car owners, my parents had a Rover in which I learned to drive. I’ve owned many cars throughout the years but never felt comfortable with any of them.

It was in June of 2010 when a Rover 75 CDTi Tourer became part of our family. I’d driven for well over four hours from North London to Blackpool to view it; it was love at first sight.

She was in very good condition, a testament to the previous owner, and came with a very comprehensive service history. The drive back home was a great experience learning how she handled and enjoying the comfort of the ride.

The 75 was a 2002 Club so I soon felt the need to make the car better. This was when the long journey of research, becoming a Club member and the upgrades started. I owe at least 90% of this knowledge to this fabulous Owners Club and its fellow members, many of which I am now good friends with.

I started by replacing parts removed by project drive and then by upgrading the cars specification, plus adding a little bit of a personal touch.

• Replaced walnut dashboard together with sprayed chrome air vents
• Fitted pre project drive seatbelt bolt cover
• Fitted black leather memory seats, together with my own loom
• Fitted walnut and leather steering wheel
• Fitted luggage space side cubby covers
• Added illuminated sun visors, required loom making
• Installed fog lights
• Fitted an auto dimming mirror, required loom making
• Installed a load space cover with dog guard
• Fitted 18” Grid Spoke alloys, kept the 15” rims for winter tyres
• Replaced the gaiters with black leather
• Replaced the gear knob with walnut
• Added Mk1 xenon headlamps – modified to add angel eyes
• Fitted original MGR door finishers
• Installed power fold mirrors, required loom making
• Added a hard plastic tourer load bay cover
• Fitted my unique MGR premium bumper with Roewe grille retaining Mk1 headlamps – with the help of some very special friends
• Upgraded rear bumper and cladding with a Mk2 version
• Fitted an android head unit with reverse camera
• Updated the interior by adding walnut trim
• Led lights
• Installed a QI wireless charger for my mobile phone

During my ownership I’ve also taken care of the mechanical side of the vehicle and as well as regular servicing the following has been replaced.
• In tank fuel pump
• Under bonnet fuel pump
• Radiator fan brushes replaced and fitted new resistor
• Master and slave clutch cylinders
• Dual mass flywheel
• Clutch plate and discs
• Suspension and springs
• Water pump

Now after all the work that has gone into the car I must say it really looks good, but most of all it drives like a dream. I am a proud Rover owner and easily change people’s opinions just by taking them for a spin.

We have driven across the UK and Europe including France, Italy, Poland, The Czech Republic and Germany, driving thousands of miles visiting family and friends without the car giving any trouble.

Whenever there is a place to go to I certainly go in my pride and joy. Have a look at my thread HERE there are lots of pictures

Article written by member rashi_g_h

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