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February 2014

'Blue Beauty' by swanndoggz

Just prior to my 17th birthday I was looking for a car and at the bargains that the Rover 75 had become. Unfortunately purchase then was not a reality due to high insurance costs so I bought something a little more young driver friendly, a Renault Megane 1.4 Mk2; it still cost 3000 to insure for the first year - an absolute joke!

During May 2013, now aged 19, I was looking to replace the Megane with a lower mileage car when I spotted on eBay a rather dirty looking ignition blue MG ZT 120, 35,000 miles, one owner from new. After having it on my watch list for a couple of weeks I decided to have a look at it as my Renault had just managed to sell itself to someone looking for a good cheap car. I went to view it at a farm near Nottingham and pretty much bought the car there and then for 2400 - perhaps top end value.

When I bought the ZT it was not as it is today but it had the potential to be very nice. The car had been badly prepped by the dealer and came with a cracked and damaged spoiler, more scratch and swirl marks than the eye could see, bottoms of doors covered in tar - so bad petrol was the only thing that would get it off, all badges faded and alloys in poor condition amongst other issues. On the up side the car appeared very straight, interior like brand new, drove perfect and felt very tight.

The car took a whole weekend to clean up and further Saturdays to get it up to a decent shine, I was happy with using various techniques including wet and dry and mopping.

To start I managed to pick up a replacement spoiler already painted in ignition blue, plus:

New badges
New exhaust system, not blowing just looked rusty
New number plates, originals were dealer plates from Sandcliffe Loughborough
Extensive engine clean including unblocking those pesky plenums
Full alloy wheel refurbish
Painted unsightly mesh grille

I have been hooked by this car, unlike my Renault, as it seems more an enthusiasts car. I just cannot stop myself spending money on things for it that I dont really need.

I have made the following mods:

MG7 tail lights
All LED lights
Radioguy double din head unit
Wind deflectors
MG7 mudflaps
Chrome exhaust tip and various other shiny bits

Although I have spent rather a lot of money it still works out cheaper than an equivalent BMW or Mercedes with a similar specification.

One thing I have to say about my ZT is I wish it was a bit more powerful but when do you ever get the chance to go fast nowadays, everybody says its an old mans car and its like an old boat but they dont know how it drives.

I have found some interesting facts about my car such as it was one of the 16 ignition blue 120+ made as it has the 5 spoke alloys. I have been more than impressed with the car and the knowledge within the club, especially as everyone is so friendly.

Article written by member swanndoggz

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