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January 2016

'Unique Coupe' by Confronted

Having customised two Rover 75 projects, the Rover 150 'Push me-pull you' and the Rover 75 pickup, I learned a lot about the general construction of the 75.

It soon became clear that many members were wanting to see a Rover 75 coupe built along similar lines to Rover's proto-type. After weighing up the pros and cons of such a project I dared myself to have a go, knowing the many complications, time, money and effort it would take.

I thought I would have a go, if only to challenge my own capabilities. Having studied the Rover proto-type there were a few details I decided to change. I thought the rear quarter windows in particular were not quite right, the grille looked too big mouthed and the interior a bit overwhelming.

The first thing to do was to reconstruct the roof, A, B and C posts, and make extended frameless doors etc.

The door cards and seats came from a BMW 4 series interior, and took a fair amount of fetling to incorporate into the bodyshell

Not knowing whether the project was viable or not I purchased a MGZT 190 that was going to be scrapped and used this as the donor car.

The rear exhaust pipes are mainly overlooked by designers and I feel they are an important feature of a car's design and decided to highlight them on the coupe.

Other details I have changed you will no doubt notice.

The finished coupe will undergo an IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) test to get it road legal to enable to drive it to shows etc.

Article written by member Confronted

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