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July 2013

'Rhapsody in Blue' by eumjmorris

Now Iím probably showing my age but as a child the Rover P4 was my aspirational car. My elder sister drove a Cyclops 75 and then a 90 as farm cars, our headmaster had one, an older schoolmate and a friend had one, so itís no surprise that I started my motoring with a Rover P4 105R, then followed a succession of P4sís, P5ís, P5Bís and P6ís.

I worked in the IT department of the Rover Group from 1991, moved to the Longbridge site in 1994, then latterly for both MG-Rover and Land Rover until 2005. I helped with the setup of the MG-Rover Direct sales operation that was based in the Roundhouse, where MG Motors UK are now located. Iíd been surrounded by 75ís from launch, at this time Iíd been captivated by a Dorchester Red 2.0 V6 weíd sold

Life goes on as they say, the high prices of the 75 range together with having Rover 200ís and 400ís as company cars meant my ownership of a Rover 75 was delayed until 2005 when I bought my first, a silver Classic SE CDT Tourer. At three and half years old it had already covered 167,000 miles, itís now at 231,000 miles and has recently had the 160 bhp upgrade.

This purchase got me hooked on the retro feel of the 75, hence the relevance for me of the preceding story and has led me to make further impulse purchases, including a Japanese specification Dorchester Red 2.5 V6 Connoisseur SE automatic, confirmed as such by Terry Shaw and worked on by Jules.

Absolutely not needing any more cars I hadnít been watching the Members Cars for Sale section on the forum. Whilst Big Russ was doing 160 bhp remap upgrade he told me about one in Monogram Nocturne for sale. Back home and reading about it on the forum, including J1MBOís viewing comments, impulse led me to view and purchase the car.

The car is a Rover 75 Connoisseur SE 2.5 litre V6 automatic, first registered on the 29th September 2003 finished in Monogram Nocturne with sandstone leather. The first owner must have ticked quite a few of the option boxes as it has a wood and leather steering wheel, hi-line, xenon headlamps and rear screen electric blind. Itís currently covered 89270 miles, truly a beautiful car in unmolested condition.

The car came with masses of history and was apparently leased new to the then HR director of Rolls-Royce Derby, it then was owned for five years by a Union convener who had a private registration plate on the vehicle. It reverted to its former registration of FE53 ZCL and was owned by Kevin & Emma for eighteen months. Itís worth mentioning that Kevin aka member redkev attended the 7th Pride of Longbridge with the car in 2012.

The impressive history also shows that the cam belts have been replaced, so no worries currently with that large expense. The blowing exhaust was immediately replaced plus new 15Ē Comet wheels, fitted with 205/65/15 Mohawk tyres, have replaced the Serpents that were originally on the car. My colleague in ď75 crimeĒ, Fred, has had the Serpents for his early gold Connoisseur CDT. The problems with the non-working fan were easily resolved with a Jules gold resistor, quickly fitted through the cooling fan blades.

A full size Crown with a good Michelin tyre has replaced the space-saver wheel. Itís also had oil and filters, new wiper blades, driversí grab handle and a driversí side cup holder. Future plans are for full brake renewal prior to the next MoT in September.

Truly, I believe I am lucky to be the new custodian of this most lovely Rover 75.

Article written by member eumjmorris

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