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July 2014

'Solar Eclipse' by Dpl autos

My interest in MG-Rover goes back a long way as my dad had been working on them since the late 80ís; he had them all Metroís, Miniís, Maestroís, 600ís, 800ís, 75ís and ZTís. I left school at 16 with one thought in mind I want to work with cars, but only on Roverís as Iíd caught the bug from my dad! So I started my working life with an apprenticeship at Roverland in Deeside, North Wales.

All was going well until MG-Rover went bust which meant I was made redundant, I was then offered a vehicle recovery job with a local company which I spent the next three years doing.

It was during this period my dad took control of the local MG-Rover operation with his business partner, I was still itching to get back to working with MG-Rovers so when my dad asked me to come and join him I jumped at the chance. I started back dealing with customers, booking in and when the workshop was busy Iíd jump back on the tools. I also dealt with all the new and second hand parts we stocked plus buying and selling the cars.

Everything was fantastic I enjoyed coming to work every day even though I worked with my dad, working with family can be a nightmare at times! Then on the 1st of December 2013 my dad suffered acute heart failure at the age of 62, my life stopped and changed forever as I knew it. I decided the only thing that would keep me going and take my mind off things was to take over the business from my dad as that's what he would have wanted.

So everything I do with these fantastic vehicles is based around trying my best to make my dad proud and I hope he is looking down on me and happy that the business is growing from strength to strength. I may run a business around these fantastic cars but itís much more than that to me, I live and breathe MG-Rovers.

That brings me on to my MG ZT 190 which I bought from Co Part salvage auctions as a Cat C total loss. It had sustained vandal damage to the bonnet, front screen, roof, boot lid and near side rear quarter. We repaired all the damage plus replaced the windscreen and decided due to a few age related marks it would be best to give the vehicle a total re-spray.

I fitted a set of full leather seats inside along with face lift side repeaters. The bumper had been replaced at some point as when I removed it all the pipes for headlight washers fell out, so we repaired the bumper and cut the holes for the washer jets. I got a full set and had them fitted, then I painted the bumper mesh black to match the wheels which I think gives it a more aggressive look.

I then polished the headlights as they were cloudy and then the rebuild started! Sent it for a MoT test and passed first time which I was very happy with. Carried out a full service and it was ready to go!

It was clear after getting the vehicle it had been well looked after as all tyres were brand new, it had two brand new bottom arms and a fully stamped up service book with proof the belts had been done,
oh itís got a drivers cup holder too!

The only thing that is missing is the fact that my dad is not here to see it as I think he would be so proud of what we have achieved.

Article written by member Dpl autos

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