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July 2015

'Gruple' by Fusilier

This is the fourth MG ZT with a V6 engine I’ve owned since becoming interested in the marque.

My first was an MG ZT 160 in Anthracite which I sold in 2012, that was followed by another 160 I still own that has become known as “Blue Moon”, next I bought a Solar Red MG ZT 190+ which I spent over a year working on.

However in order to be able to purchase “Gruple” I had to sell one of the fleet, the decision was made to dispose of the Solar Red 190+ to give me the room in the man cave for the impending purchase.

“Gruple” is an MG ZT-T 180+ and is finished in Monogram Chromactive Poseidon with full SE leather, black oak dash and an electric sunroof.It got it's destinctive name because of the cross between Green & Purple that Poseidon flip paint gives.

I purchased it from forum member A19 Graham who had spent quite a bit of money on the car; it already had four new tyres, new rear springs, Navall 2 head unit, together with front and rear cameras, plus a lot of other “toys”.

The car on delivery was in very good condition but I had set myself a goal and that included giving a thorough clean from top to bottom. I started with a little tender loving care, first snow foam, rinsed off and washed with a good quality shampoo, then onto claying the whole car and finally a quick polish. Whilst doing this I noticed a couple of other things that needed doing to get it to the high standard I had set myself for the project.

The ZT-T then went into the man cave and onto axle stands, the wheels, which were in need of refurbishing, were removed. I then set about cleaning the underside of the car; it soon became apparent that some areas, especially the subframes, were in need of paint. After some thought I decided to completely paint the underside of the car, so it was off to the local paint supplier for them mix up a litre of HFF British Racing Green, which was the closest to match the original underside colour of the car. I then repainted all the underneath of the vehicle to complement the fantastic exterior colour. After a couple of weeks the recently painted areas were finally finished with a coat of lacquer.

The next job was to remove the wheel arch liners and give them a good clean with paint thinners to remove the tar stuck to them; whilst they were off I cleaned the brakes and painted the inside of the wheel arches. The wheels were then taken to be refurbished, the company doing them had a hard time removing all the old coatings from the inside of the rims, however five days later they had done a fantastic job and they returned resplendent in Silver Sparkle. I really prefer the look of the Mk 1 stainless steel mesh, I was lucky to have a set to hand which I fitted.

Next of the list was the engine bay, I changed the yellow header tank for a nicer black one, fitted new breather pipes, removed the K & N filter and fitted an original air box. I’ve cleaned the engine mount, throttle body and alternator, plus I’ve now added a few of my personal touches to the engine bay.

To follow further developments on Project Gruple, take a look at the thread I have running on the forum by clicking Here

Article written by member Fusilier

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