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June 2016

'Gone But Never Forgotten' by Simondi

It all started in 28th August 2006, I was in the market for a new car to replace my old Rover 400 and had made my mind up to buy a Vectra. I’d arranged a test drive and was looking forward to the thrill of buying a new car when I noticed a very shiny green Rover 75. No hang on, it was blue. Turns out both were right; it was Odyssey Blue.

Much to the salesman’s consternation I asked to drive the 75 and I was hooked. Later that day I became the very proud owner of a 1.8 NASP Classic SE. Yes, it was one up – just – from base spec but it was by far the nicest car I’d ever owned.

My first year of 75 ownership was pretty uneventful and mod free. Then in September 2007 disaster struck. With around 53,000 miles, a full service history and 4 ˝ years old my cambelt snapped whilst in the outside lane of the M74!

Fortunately, it was fixed under warranty. It was around this time that I stumbled upon the owner’s club – coincidently that’s when I started modding.

First of all torpedo badges were fitted and shortly afterwards I replaced the standard black chrome mirror covers with some nice chrome ones – eventually I replaced them with chrome bullets

The plastic dashboard was replaced with a pre project drive walnut one and the velour seats replaced with leather. The steering wheel was replaced with a walnut one and the door cards were all upgraded.

Latterly I upgraded the old cassette player to an all singing and all dancing double din. All in all, despite the lowly spec by the time I’d finished it was as luxurious as most 75’s and more so than any Mondeo or Vectra!

The support and help received from members of the club was and still is invaluable in keeping my car running. It must be said though that my pocket is significantly lighter thanks to all the suggestions for upgrades.

The car wasn’t perfect but I got it looking and feeling just right for me. The only gripe I had was the lack of power and so in 2012 I bit the bullet and changed my 1.8 Classic Se for a ZT 190 SE.

I love the ZT but still miss my 75. I suppose it’s true what they say. You never forget your first.

Article written by member Simondi

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