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Car Of The Month :
June 2019

'Going Green' by Wraymond

My contribution is tongue in cheek, I donít think it is the Car of the Month. It is for me the car for the next 10 years. After the last 10 years of enjoying my 2005 facelift and frequently seeing the earlier models, the subtle differences were pleasing. When the opportunity arose to acquire one that appealed most it took a lot of hand wringing to let the other go. But now Iím glad I did.

The car I have now had been in regular but limited use and was parked in a driveway on my route in and out of the maze where I live for a long time Ė years in fact Ė but suddenly caught my attention. It had been relegated to parking in the cold cold kerb and a new car was parked where the 75 had been for so long.

Hmmm, methinks there might be an opportunity in the offing. A suitable note was slipped through the letter box, enquiring if there was any likelihood of a pending sale and there followed two weeks of no news. It was Christmas though, so more waiting. Then an email arrived, followed by a meeting then followed by a sale. And all within 200 yards of my house. Couldnít be more pleased:

2002 2.5 Auto Connoisseur SE. 47000 miles, BRG, Deep Sea Green leather and carpets and trim. One lady owner since new and a full service record including those pesky periodic replacements we all know about. Shows some very slight age related blemishes on the body, but then so do I.

Interior is immaculate. Again, like me. Canít believe my luck. There are two modifications from the OE, can anybody spot them?

Article written by member Wraymond

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