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March 2016

'Creme De Menthe' by 2Diesels

For all that don't know him, let me introduce you to "Grovey" Back in 2009 I was running a couple of thirsty Volvos & decided to find myself a nice Diesel 75.

After a few months searching & missing out on a superb 75 Tourer, I turned to ebay where there was an Orange ZT-T Diesel for sale & I have to be honest I didn't really like it, the pics did the colour no justice & it was fitted with nasty aftermarket wheels.

But as I was now becoming desperate for a car & it was sitting at a good price I went for it & got it for quite a bit less than it's current market value at the time.

I soon discovered the cooling fan wasn't working so did the Kenlowe conversion which was the thing to do back then & one or two of the usual bumper off mods. Grovey then gave a few months of great service & I managed to locate a not too shabby set of "straights" which were actually the original fitment on the car as it had been extensively upgraded when it was ordered.

Such upgrades included grey Monaco seats, projector headlamps, sunroof, driver's intelligence pack & a few more subtle extras, also one not so subtle upgrade was the choice of Monogram Orange Grove Supertallic (hence the name)

In 2009 we attended the National Meet at Nene Park & what a run out that was, I travelled to Ipswich to pick up my good mate Lewis, then back up to Peterborough, dropped Lewis off at Ipswich that night & then drove home..................... it was something like a 900 mile round trip.

Unfortunately a string of mechanical issues plagued the car for the next 6 months or so & as I didn't really know my way around these cars back then I lost a lot of faith, but with some superb help from some knowledgeable members I got through it.

In 2010 we attended many more meets & had a massive road trip holiday where I took Grovey back to his birthplace at Longbridge & also to his supplying dealer in Kings Lynn. Then in December 2010 disaster struck, I slid him into the back of a Peugeot in the ice. I rushed him into hospital & had his face stitched back together in no time

Then I began gathering the parts required to carry out a permanent repair & he was right as rain in no time, gaining a headlamp upgrade to Xenons, which after a little bit of a project between myself & a few other members were retrofitted with the automatic levelling required to keep the installation legal.

In 2011 I sourced a set of Apex alloys as another subtle upgrade

Since then he's just been more or less reliable & trouble free apart from a recent in tank fuel pump failure which was an easy & cheap fix

Article written by member 2Diesels

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