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May 2013

Mellow Yellow! by THE FLYING BANANA

Whilst my wife was in hospital during June 2009 her Ford Fiesta was stolen from outside our flat. I went to the hospital that evening to tell her the bad news, her answer was for us to buy another Rover. We had owned a Rover 220SD previously

So I went in search of an MG-Rover, I found and bought a rather basic 1.8 MG ZT in Solar Red. Alas, the more you opened the bonnet the more money it wanted, so in a vain attempt to retain the contents of my wallet I part-exchanged it for a Kia Cee’d. Boy I was that desperate, but I still had the ZT bug.

I browsed eBay and came across a diesel ZT-T that I liked the look of but the owner was rather vague about the service history. On the following page was a rather nice looking yellow ZT, I thought no way am I having a bright yellow car.

That statement turned out to be untrue as it was love at first sight.

On the day I collected “Banana” from the garage I saw a man who just stood and stared as I drove past. I found out later he was on his way with cash to buy “Banana”, we have since become great friends.

Well here we are three years down the line and “Flying Banana” is part of my life. I can honestly say that it is the only car in my life that I actually have fallen in love with, I could never sell her. My wife who was by then in a nursing home wanted to play in the boot, that stems from when she was little girl, when it was raining outside her dad used to put her in the back of his estate car so she could play 'outside'.

Sadly, my wife passed away in December 2010 and the car is now my life.

“Flying Banana” is one of only six produced by MG-Rover in Monogram Sunspot Kinetic and is powered by the K series 1.8T engine. During the last three years I have spent rather a lot of money on her but never regretted it. She’s now fitted with a third head gasket after 119,500 miles and ready for travelling many more.

I’ve attended many meets with her, she gets admiring glances and turns heads where ever she goes. It’s amazing how many people want to buy her, but she’ll never be for sale.

When I bought The Flying Banana I discovered that MG-Rover also made a V8 version, I always said that one day I would have one. Well I have one now, “Blue Thunder” is no. 155 of the 883, but that is another story.

Article written by member Flying Banana

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