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May 2016

'Chaggy' by jubbarelly

She is a 2.5 V6 180 Sports Auto in Chagall Supertallic. 1 of 5 built in this engine variant and number 17 of 35 Chagall ZT Saloons built.

Previously I had an Anthracite 2.5 V6 160 manual which was my pride and joy but unfortunately due to back problems I needed an automatic. Since I loved my Anthracite one (T of Zed) so much I went on the lookout for an auto version.

I came across Chaggy on a well-known auction site and thought I would put in a cheeky bid. Before I knew it I had won the auction!!

She was in a sorry state… destined for the scrap yard. How bad you ask? The waist trim paint had all flaked off, driver’s door mirror was hanging off, the door pillars were rusty, and the interior looked like a farmer had lived in there. All in, it's safe to say she had suffered a hard life …………………till now.

The good news was that mechanically she had been very well maintained by the previous owner however when I got her back home I booked her in for a cam belt change to be on the safe side.

Two years later I’ve added power folds, HK speakers and electric rear blind.

In addition, I’ve upgraded the original manual blue alcantra to heated, electric, memory and invested in a full Stainless Steel exhaust - which sounds gorgeous.

I’ve also upgraded the Ice to an in car tablet kit, which sounds superb with the upgraded door speakers and HK sub.

Chaggy only gets used at the weekend, and receives fond looks where ever she goes. She is now part of the family, and is soon to be joined by a fully restored MGB GT.

I hope you have enjoyed this little journey.

Article written by member jubbarelly

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