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May 2019

'Pooky Bear' by Flying Banana

The plan was to get a smaller car to act as a runaround to save Banana racking up the miles. MG ZR was the chosen model to look for, preferably a diesel. So I attend a breakfast meet at Louis Tea rooms near Callington in Cornwall in October 2015, I was staying with Allen and Val, Ratty. This was one of my mini tours of the UK events and I had come down as it would be an idea to get the Yellow Peril, Matt Darkes new car, and Banana together for a photo shoot.

At the breakfast meet were the usual suspects including Paul Collins (Sonic ZS) with his rescued 75 Tourer, saved from the clutches of the breakers by the skin of it’s plenums. Paul had also rescued what was thought to be one of the oldest MG ZTT’s in Trophy Blue, but the engine was broken and all it needed was another one. He was looking for a home for the car.

We convoyed out of the Tea Rooms to our next stopping point “The Highwayman” pub near Okehampton, a quirky and unique pub that has a resident ghost and does accommodations, not that I would be staying there.

We all trooped in and the others went in search of the other bars and the relics they had within while I got talking to Paul. He was telling me all about the Trophy Blue ZTT, but I got the wrong end of the stick and thought he was talking about his ‘other’ car the V8 400 ZTT.

Once the confusion was sorted out Paul said if I was truly interested in the V8 then why not come and have a look before buying. So we made arrangements for me to come back to Cornwall a fortnight later. Allen said it was ok to stay with them again, so now what to do? I had owned a V8 before but it had been a right money pit, however going on Paul's reputation I knew the car would be a good one. Oh! What to do?

A fortnight later saw me travelling back down and staying with Allen and Val. On the Saturday morning Allen and I travelled back into England and onto Paul’s house. He had arranged with a friend for us to view the V8 up in the air on ramps, so we followed Paul to the garage. Oh! The noise of those pipes.

Once up in the air I was able to look underneath. My but it was clean, no rust anywhere, but then what did I expect from Paul? He had fitted the Xpower back boxes and they were both at the correct angle and level at the rear. As well as that, he had fitted the Walnut dashboard so it did not creak. The Walnut steering wheel was straight and true as well.

Then we went for a test drive. And that is how I come to buy my new runaround. A V8 400 ZTT with 35,000 miles on the clock.

Now three and a half years later we are still together. “Pooky Bear”, named in honour of my late wife, is now on 59,000 miles and still running as sweet.

She has attended a few shows and won a couple of trophies. Yes we have had a few problems but hey ho! that’s why we love them.

Article written by member Flying Banana

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