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November 2015

'Lean Green Biomorphing Machine' by lotuslc

I went in search of a ZTT to use as a multi purpose vehicle as Lydia and myself do a lot of fishing. Looking on Autotrader we came across a Green ZT 135 + diesel automatic saloon which Lydia really liked. Later to be known as our Kermit.

The car was one of only ten ZTís painted in Monogram Biomorphic Green, and was the 8th produced. It was also the last of three diesels to be made in that colour, two being automatics and one a manual.

I said to Lydia, we are only looking as we need a tourer for fishing, but we went to see it anyway and the rest is history. This then is the journey of our car over the two years that we have owned it.

The first modification involved a visit to Klarzy to have my dials changed and the back lights altered to Green. This turned out to be one of three trips down a roller coaster road to Cambridge to see Klarzy.

The next trip was to get a pair of projector headlights with haloís as my reflector lights were useless. When these were fitted Lydia kept going out at night and putting them on, just so she could look at them lol.

Our next alteration was putting on the wind deflectors from Heko. That same day we fitted the 190 brake conversion, which has made a massive difference to the braking power. On club member Fusilierís advice I fitted MTEC drilled and grooved discs and painted the callipers yellow to show them off.

Then we went a bit over the top with the bumper and skirts. The bumper was bought off a lad on another forum who had already moulded the splitter into the bumper, and also a pair of genuine side skirts.

Unfortunately they were painted in X Power Grey, so I then met a chap on the forum called Cazemi who said he would paint them Biomorphic Green. This was not plain sailing as there were a few cracks that needed some fettling, but Dave (Cazemi) said he liked a challenge!

The next upgrade was the addition of a rear spoiler which even to this day I am not sure looks right with the lip spoiler as well, oh well itís on now! The spoiler was bought from Colin (2 Diesels) who lives near Cazemi. This again was not the right colour so Dave got out his gun once more and turned it green.

Then whist on holiday in Scotland, Lydia was browsing through her MG/Rover forums and said there was a lad selling a Powerflow back box. My exhaust was just that, Ďexhaustedí and needed replacing anyway. So when we got back from holiday, it was off to Ferrybridge to collect it. Now fitted we love it, itís not too noisy and really smartens up the rear of the car.

Now we have the mirrors which I changed to the earlier bullet style design as I prefer the look of them.

I also did the 'mirrorcator' mod. Hopefully this will stop any cyclists coming down the side of my car and bumping into it when I want to turn left.

Finally this is the latest mod we have done to the car but far from the last. On our trip to the Gretna meet, I bought some spats from Yella Fella . These had to be altered slightly as they were from a MK2, but got them so they look ok now.

We have also fitted cruise control, thanks to Trikey for the loom and to Rick-sta for the clear instructions on how to go about fitting it all. The car also now has a 160 Remap, and when I bought the car it only had one key so Big Russ got to work on this and I now have a full spare. The refurbished Hairpin alloys came from club member Vanbursta with whom I did a bit of wheeler dealing.

Myself and Lydia have thoroughly enjoyed our time doing these alterations to the car which has now reached 128,000 miles and is rapidly going up due to Lydia wanting to go out posing in Kermit

We have also met some lovely people due to being on this forum. The meets we have attended have been brilliant and we will continue going to these next year. We even had it voted by the members of the forum for best ZT at the Harrogate MG show which really came as a shock to us both. Our two rosettes can be seen it the window and are now on Lydiaís bedroom wall.

Article written by member lotuslc

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