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October 2014

'Black Eight' by VMax1000

I never intended buying an MG ZT260, my wife spotted one for sale whilst browsing the internet, as it was on the way to her parents we decided to go and have a look.

She looked at the interior, seats, television etc., whilst I had a look at the engine. She liked it and I thought…………as I hadn’t really intended changing my ZS180 after just repairing the VIS motors.

A long story cut short; next week we collected the 260 from SMC, with the ZS180 being part exchanged. That was in June 2007, the 260 had only covered 17K by then; it’s now on 105K and has served us very well.

There have been a few issues:-

• Aircon exploded, replaced under warranty as was the heater valve.
• Clutch replaced at 34K, due to a leaking gearbox. Great job done by Austin Garages where I supplied the parts from the States.
• Cylinder #3 plug stripped thread. Repaired myself and still going strong.


• Car came with X-powers as standard.
• Upgraded the air intake maintaining the standard set-up.
• Accufab throttle body.
• Team Dynamics alloys.

My biggest mistake was to change the rear light clusters for Lexus style ones, now back to original thanks to a forum member.

I like the car to be as standard as possible, maybe purist but the wheels will be the only visible difference from a standard ZT.

I’ve owned my car for more than 7 years; I’ve done more than 80K in that time and still love it. Yes it’s heavy on fuel, but luckily I only have a short drive to work and the rest is on allowance.

This one will stay………………

Article written by member VMax1000

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