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October 2016

'A Kiwi Collection' by Rovering

I now have three of these fine vehicles in my collection. Two are Rover 75 tourers and one is an MG ZT 190 saloon.

2003 Rover 75 Tourer #1
The BRG Tourer is the oldest owned in my 'fleet', I have owned this car for just over two years. It is a Connoissuer 2.5 V6 auto. The commission plate is dated 26/08/2002, and was first registered here in January 2003. It has travelled just over 107,00 kilometres (approx 66,500 miles), it was showing 98,000 odd kilometres when I purchased it.

I had the belts, tensioners, water pump, and thermostat housing all replaced at the beginning of this year. Since purchase I have added on the following....embossed headrests, 2.5 ltr torpedo badges, a drivers grab handle, a set of 4 new Michelin tyres, crofts door finishers, drivers side cup holder, seatbelt bolt covers and a K&N panel air filter. Parts obtained from Rimmers Bros., Holland 314 (Tom Dutch), and local suppliers.

This car is treated to a permanent spot, with cover, in my to my 1979 Rover SD1 V8. There is a Navall Star, with front and rear cameras to be installed also. Unfortunately I now have the dreaded 'airbag light on syndrome', this fault was originally traced to wet carpet with a faulty side impact sensor. Sensor has been replaced, but now it is showing other faults, which weren't present before. I have also put in sunroof drain hose fixes, to eliminate any issue from there. Replacement scuttle panel plugs and clips have been purchased also, to be installed.

This car is more my 'show car', hence the garage spot, and the fact that I can work on it as inclined. I love the sandstone interior, and think the colour combination the car has, is a natural winner.

Rover 75 Tourer #2
This Rover Tourer is in Starlight Silver, with Ash grey/smoke stone interior, is my 'daily hack'. I purchased in February this year, having seen it advertised on Trade Me. I had noticed it listed again by the same seller, but with a $4000 (approx 2000.00) price drop from the previous listing! I took a punt and judged it by the photos and a phone call to the seller (ideally not a good thing to do!). It has 23/08/2002 stamped on the commission plate, so is 3 days older than my BRG Tourer! Interestingly it was not registered here till November 2003. This Tourer has a bit more get up and go to the BRG one, I have a suspicion that I might have a dodgy VIS motor in that one.

It is exactly the same spec as the BRG Tourer, but this one does not have mud flaps or the premium carpet mats. It does have the Rover branded rubber mats, which probably are a better option for daily use. So far this car has had a drivers cup holder, Crofts door finishers, and K&N air filter installed. Before I sold my 75 Club, I took the all chrome grill off it and it is now on this car. I am on the lookout for 2.5 ltr torpedo badges, and embossed headrests etc! I installed a Navall 3 with front and rear cameras a few months ago.

I was unfortunately reversed into a few months ago, which resulted in a dented left rear passenger door, it also pushed the centre pillar in a few millimetres as well. I was recommended to a Vehicle Restorer.....rather than panel beater, and am pleased to say that they were able to get the door fixed the old fashioned way, ie no bog!. I am very impressed with the repair, and you would not know it had even happened! This car has travelled now 94,600 odd kilometres (approx 58,700 miles). The belts etc are not due for another 3 years yet.........

MG ZT 190
This is my most recent purchase, about a month ago! This car is in Anthracite with a grey alcantra/leather interior. It has travelled 146,300 odd kilometres (90,900 odd miles). With a trip of nearly 800 miles added on last week! It was built on the 18/02/2002 and was first registered here in October 2002. So far, it has been vacuumed and washed twice. I have also replaced the front and rear MG badges and clutch pedal rubber (thanks Rimmers Bros.)

Improvements wise, I would like to put torpedo badges on, and this car is waiting on another Navall Star and cameras etc to arrive and be installed (Radioguy- Sean - has upsold to me well!) I am also looking at getting a K&N panel air filter, and would like a rear sunshade, assuming the wiring is in the dash for it! This car is listed as a 'normal' 190, yet has been optioned well, I think..... Hairpin 18" rims, bi xenon headlights, headlight washers, heated windscreen washer jets, cruise control, and message centre.

My thoughts on these cars......
I fell in love with these cars after my first 75, which I purchased off a friend, to replace my 1995 Rover Sterling 2.7 ltr car, which I had fallen out of love with as it was too Honda! I have always liked having cars that are a bit different from the norm.

Over here, in New Zealand, you do not see many of these about now. With my 800 odd miles trip the other week, I only saw one 75 and one ZT. Tourer's might seem like a dime a dozen in the UK, if looking at eBay is anything to go by, but information gathered from this club, has told me that there were only SIXTEEN 75 Tourer's exported for our market here, and I own the first two of them! I love the genteel ride and quietness of my Tourer's, and that they handle a tad better than the equivalent saloon, in my opinion.

With regards to the ZT.....I saw this at a local auction house, took it for a test drive, and a few hours later it was mine. Guess what......again thanks to this club.....I found out that only THREE MG ZT 190's were exported for our market here. So a rare car over here, even with the few private imports and Japanese second hand market imports. I know that my insurance company had an issue finding one on their database!

I love the manual box, which is strange, as I never thought I would own/drive a manual car again! The power and ride is amazingly different to a slush box 75, though the tyre noise is a bit disappointing. If I want to go for a real 'drive', I will be taking this car. The 75's are for cruising! I aim to also purchase a Virtual T4 off PHIL T4 from the forum, to help keep these going.

These three cars I plan to keep for many many years to come.

Article written by member Rovering

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