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September 2013

'Parker II' by Parker

Thirty two years, really? Yes it is that long since my very first Rover a light green P6 3500S auto that was given to me by the car auctions I worked at as a young auctioneer back in 1981. I just passed my driving test at 18 years old and on my return to work this amazing looking car with a full sliding vinyl sunroof and cream leather interior was waiting for me.

Petrol wasn’t a concern back then and insurance was simply tacked on to your dads and as for road tax, well my ‘in the post note’ stuck inside the windscreen served me well, it was simpler times as I’m sure many of you good folk remember.

So that was it the start of Rover ownership and smitten from my first drive in this wonderful P6; many others followed a 2200TC manual, SD1, 214, 800 just to recall a few but it was a trip to my local Rover dealer and the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of a 75 that got me hooked, the dials alone triggering memories of my childhood, that deep lush burr walnut dashboard, I just had to own one and about 10 years later……..

Parker 1 came along, a connoisseur.

1.8 manual, low mileage one lady owner in starlight silver, ash grey interior. I owned the car for three years putting close on 40K on the clock the car served me extremely well and despite usual maintenance and the well-known FFS (fuel filter syndrome) I had no major problems until… hmmm sadly despite almost an OCD attention to the coolant levels HGF snuck up on me and a decision had to be made, repair and keep or time to sell.

My desire was a 2.5 V6 auto and within a few days of looking the car I wanted was being sold locally and therefore Parker 1 made its way to Lates for repair and was sold.

So welcome to Parker II, a 2.5 V6 auto in zircon silver, with personal line Neptune blue interior, hidden behind the personal plate the car is a 51. One owner a Doctor this connoisseur SE has the intelligence pack, Harmon Kardon speakers, factory fit power folds plus all the high spec extras of the 75 in this range and as you can see Xenon headlamps.

The car was on the edge of project drive and with some items removed like the door reflectors, rear light access panels and a few other bits it fortunately still had the real burr walnut dash fitted. The previous owner obviously cherished this car and at what was 11 years old when I bought it the car still had the plastic protection strips on the chrome door sills from new.

What more could you want from a car! I’m not a purist and do like to mod in what I hope is in keeping with the design and image of this luxury vehicle and so just a few personal touches I have been adding, such as……

• Walnut Steering Wheel (Stubie Dye)
• Walnut & Chrome Trims (Simon Bulgaria)
• LED Rear Lights (Radioguy)

I’ve now owned Parker II for 15 months and in that time undertaken the changing of the belts, new brakes, auto box oil change, had some slight bumper scuffs sorted, 4 wheel alignment and general maintenance and servicing.

Those of us who own these remarkable cars are treated to such luxury and a pleasurable drive each time we get behind the wheel I hope that with some TLC Parker II will be with me for many more miles. And therefore as a treat for perfect service and for my birthday, here is Parker II today resplendent with a set of newly refurbished serpents.

I hope that the changes I have made are worthy of the marque and it must be said without the club and support from many knowledgeable members and those members who put in so much time and effort in redesigning weak spots and additions then I doubt very much that my car would be in the fine fettle it is today.

So we have to check plenums & cope with water ingress to name just a couple of quirks, but when a car like this puts a continuous smile on your face and turns heads then so what, because above all else I am a very lucky owner of a Rover 75.

Article written by member Parker

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