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September 2016

'The V6' by Astraeus

My interest in Rovers began with my mother’s P6 2200SC. A car that was fantastic to drive but unfortunately half eaten with tin rot underneath. My first Rover was an SD1 2000 fairly basic model and cheap, however this led on to the purchase of a later SD1 2600 Van den Plas Auto. Lovely car!

This was followed by a Rover 200Si Auto (the car Wendy passed her test in), Rover 416Si Auto. Then my first Rover 75 Auto was purchased in 2008. It was a Wedgewood Blue 1.8 N/A Auto. It had 42,000 miles on the clock when purchased. I fitted LPG to it (factory fit Landi -Renzo which never needed anything doing to it!) sourced from a scrap 75.
I sold the car with well over 100,000 miles after the decision to keep ‘The V6.’

The purchase of W729 UOF was in my opinion a very lucky one. Right place, right time and willing to buy unseen. I spotted it in August 2013 on an advert through this site while on holiday with my father in our small yacht Astraeus.

We were in Stonehaven harbour on our way to the Moray Firth in the company of our good friends John and Kate in their yacht Skedaddle. I was checking the site as per usual and stumbled across an advert for a V6 with minor accident damage to the front with a fully documented 18,787 miles. Surely not! Indeed it was.

I quickly called up only to be told I had been beaten to it by five minutes by another member who was to come and pick up on the Saturday. Knowing that often people don’t follow through I said I would take it if he did not turn up. He didn’t! The deal was done on phone, deposit paid and Mr Ward (junior) kindly agreed to pick me up from Birmingham railway station in 10 days’ time.

On the way down on the train I was beginning to wonder what I had done but at the price paid it was not a ridiculous risk. I was picked up and taken to Mr Ward’s fathers house to get the car. Mr Ward senior had recently passed away and his son, Stephen was wanting to sell the car to somebody who would look after it.

It came with every bit of paperwork from the original purchase invoice to the last service. Interestingly Mr Ward senior had traded in a Rover 620Si with only 18,000 miles on the clock!

I can’t thank these gents enough. Stephen’s dad had looked after this car as well as anybody could. Garaged from new. Serviced annually with all timed service items including the V6 belts done on time. It drove home beautifully and I knew I just had to keep this car. If you read this Stephen thank you. It is cherished as your father did and I think he will approve of the new owner

I had always wanted a V6 but never had the opportunity to buy a good one at a price I could afford. I took a picture of her from my Travelodge window that night. Best car in the car park by a mile! Yes, it did have two slightly bent front wings and a cracked front bumper but other than that, it was as clean as the day it left the show room. A real credit to Mr Ward. .

It came in Classic SE format from Evans Halshaw in Solihull on the 18th May 2000 but Mr Ward had ordered some additional items and the total cost was £22,230.00. it is interesting to see what you get for that now!

Under my ownership it has had a fair bit done to it. Obviously new front wings and bumper were sourced and I decided to replace the two passenger side doors as well as they had two deep scrapes. It did not cost much as I got excellent paint matched second hand ones. I also decided that although it had only covered 18,000 miles and had already had the belts done they were actually due again by time. (6 years) A trip down to Cossie Dunc to have the belts done was first on the list.

I got a very good Stag LPG kit from a breaker near Hull. Had to remove it myself but for £150 plus travel and a Travelodge £19 room (canny Scot!) it was well worth it. The kit came from an identical car. It included the receipt (£2,000!) and CD with the Stag Software.

It has also had added- full electric and heated sandstone leather seats, walnut steering wheel (new..ouch!) walnut gear changer and handbrake handle, Zenon headlights, stainless steel back box, used Navall 1 and the later Rover 16 inch Seven Spoke Alloys as fitted to contemporary models.

The car has run perfectly since purchased but this summer when on holiday in Lincolnshire (typically when 350 miles away from my tools!) the car decided it was time to let me know who is boss! Cooling fan gave up the ghost on a hot day so no aircon, the power VIS packed up and it burst a power steering hose. All in three days! However, all is at peace and she now sports a Rovotec Fan from Jules, a new pipe from Pirtek and a replacement VIS that I had already sourced.

In summary having now driven 43,000 miles in her I like the car just as much as the day I picked her up! That V6 purr…smooth delivery …comfortable ride… In fact, my commute is the best part of the working day!

I have recently added a 1.8T Auto to the family so the mileage will now get shared and I am ready for her next act of revolt! All part of the fun.

Article written by member Astraeus

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