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September 2019

'Solar Red Story' by jonc3725

During the winter of 2015 I found out my previous ZT which I bought as a project had a bodge of an accident repair on the passenger 'A pillar' and really was not safe, So I thought to myself get another ZT with a duff engine.

Enter Stage left and Sonic ZS contacts me ref a car fairly local which had an under powered and rattling engine.

May 15th and I picked up a very early two owners from new MGZT 190 Commission number 468 Born Tuesday, 10th July 2001. In the eight months previous to the engine rattle the owner had spent over 1500 on New inlet manifold and Vis motors, New ECU, New clutch, master and slave cylinders, New tyres on the front. From my perspective it was no brainer to buy.

ZT 190+ comm number 468

Two years of work all contained in this mammoth thread and she got an MOT and to the standard she will be maintained. To top off the find the engine rattle was a timing tensioner issue. To be fair the only thing holding the tensioner in place was the timing belt. so really lucky the previous owner listened to his garage and didn't drive the car.

Since then she has been my daily drive on the commute to work opposite my Supra and has never let me down. A couple of normal niggles for this marque but all quite tiny.

My last part of the project is the suspension units which I have now collected all the parts for so I will be working on in the next couple of months.

The body work is original which is how I wanted to leave it. To be truthful the bonnet and both bumpers could do with a respray but the originality is part of her charm.

The car will never be sold on and hopefully she will give me many years of motoring smiles

Article written by member jonc3725

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