Club News - January 2010

Dear Club Member,

We thought we would end the first month of the new year with something a bit different and send you a newsletter via mail. Some time ago we said we would begin a regular update for everyone to read, and so we thought we would take this opportunity to take our first steps towards a monthly bulletin. And here it is, the first one!

We have an awful lot in store for all members during 2010, and weíll be rolling out the announcements through the coming months. After two very successful years we have come to a crossroads in several aspects of the club, and we feel itís time the club structure underwent an overhaul to help you, the members enoy an even better club than ever before. We also have some rather nifty changes in store coming up which you might not expect, but seeing as this is the first newsletter letís kick off with some gentle stuff to get settled in.

The 2010 Club Calendar

The first calendar we released was such a big hit with everyone we have made another for 2010. Featuring a member’s car and a tip every month to help keep your example in tip-top condition, it’s a must to have on the wall.

We’ve sold most of them now but there are a few left, so ask us to reserve one for you via the clubshop.

The new membership cards

We will soon be distributing to subscribed members their own club card. If you want to get discount on parts and spares from suppliers youíre going to need this to provide proof of membership Ė so if you are only a registered member now is a very good time to subscribe.

Enjoying more from the club 1

We think what's coming soon will be a real benefit for you - but to enjoy them does mean telling us a bit more about yourself. So we'd be grateful if you can complete your membership profile for you to get the most out of the club and enoy your 75 or ZT even more.

The details are pretty basic stuff, such as home address, so that we can send membership items to you. You will also be able to opt in or out of receiving emails from us within your profile, so do take a couple of minutes to help us keep our records up to date.

To update your details you just have to do the following:

1. Go to the forums and log in as usual
2. Select the link UserCP - it's the left link in the menu in the upper portion of the page
3. Fill in the gaps and Select Save - You're done!

Of course, anything you tell us about yourself will remain private and not shared with anyone else.

Enjoying more from the club 2

If you haven't subscribed to be a member yet - why not? We hold the largest library of help and advice to be found anywhere - and it grows every hour. Not only that but with regular social meets and an active forum, we're very proud that the club has such a thriving community that helps each other in enjoying their cars without spending a fortune in the process.

We're still ridiculously good value too, way less than the likes of the MGOC and with far more dedicated help. Go on, join us!

Coming in the next club news

*******update on S525 OVP restoration*******new members discounts*******new club roadmap revealed*******new goodies*******and possibly a sneak preview of something we will be showing later this year.....


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