View Full Version : XPart Mailing List Opt-In

7th October 2007, 18:52
Dear all,

After our discussions with Xpart we were asked if the members would like to opt-in to being on an Xpart mailing list for any offers being sent directly to club members.

As we would never share your details with anyone - we have devised a way in which you can opt-in (or opt-out) of being on such a mailing list.

If you go to your user control panel and then click on edit options (or click here (http://www.the75andztclub.co.uk/forum/profile.php?do=editoptions)!) then you will see that we have added a new field - here you can opt-in or out at the click of a button. This field is only visible to you - if you OPT-IN we will create a mailing list which X-part will use to post offers directly to you.

If you OPT-OUT we will make sure your email address is removed from this list.

I hope you find this useful and that you might get some good offers from Xpart through this mechanism.


Christopher, Pete and Ken