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SKS Disco
24th March 2009, 21:27
Well, where to begin......

We have been aware of the shortage of rear screens for the saloons for a while now but have been very active behind the scenes trying to sort it.

The original suppliers could still manufacture but only with a minimum order that was stupid. A lesser order would have made the screens worth more than the car.

So...a dilemma.:shrug:
Not to be daunted, I had one flown in from Nanjing from an MG7. :D

This has been test fitted to a 75 in Longbridge and has passed quality approval.

So there is now a shipment of new screens on the water as I type.
No firm delivery date as yet but about another month I would think.

It will replace screen CQB000240 only.
The new number will be CQB000260.

Please note however, this will not directly replace the versions with onboard TV. It will fit OK but the TV won't connect. There is not a lot we can do about that at the moment but we are working on it.

Hope this helps and keeps some cars on the road.

Can a mod put this in the XPart News section please?