View Full Version : Timing belt kit for the V6 engines

SKS Disco
19th August 2009, 10:10
I thought I would start a new thread as not everone may be interesed in springs.

We have now also introduced a timing belt kit for the V6 engines.
Before you had to buy all the parts seperatly.

Now you can buy a kit of three belts and both tensioner pulleys.
Buying this "kit" will save you about 50 full English beer tokens. ish.

gotta go..........

I have a cunning plan............:D
Whoops. Nearly forgot ! Part number would be good....:twonk:( its an age thing :rolleyes:)

part number is ZUA000610

Give the network time to get them in as they have only gone "live" this morning. Few days should do it .