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RoryRover 21st July 2021 22:35

Clutch replacement in Notts/Derby area
Could anyone recommend someone to replace a clutch for me in the Notts/Derby’s area on my Rover 75 tourer CDTI 2004.

I have brought the parts but then changed my mind about doing it myself!

Ideally I would like someone who knows their way around a Rover 75 who can do me a really good job rather than just going to just any garage offering clutch replacements.

If Andi Willi is still around I would be happy to drive up to Doncaster.

Any advice much appreciated.

AndyN01 22nd July 2021 08:47

Worth giving these guys a call.

Chris comes well recommended.

Not sure now.... Just seen this:

Gazmo65 22nd July 2021 12:37

Seen some YouTube videos from this company Williams mobile clutch fitting service , they come to you so might be worth a shout, they have a website and YouTube channel, I haven't used them myself so cant vouch for them. There is a mobile number listed on YouTube.

macafee2 22nd July 2021 17:10

If someone were to give you a hand would you DIY?
I see you are Derbyshire, I'm close to the River Trent, so if you are not silly miles away I'd give you a hand or if tools are an issue you can come to me.
You would need to get someone to pick you up as we would not finish in a day ...... or two but my time is mine and so its free.

I did mine a couple of years ago following the Haynes manual.


simonsmith 22nd July 2021 20:12

75 clutch renewal
May I suggest Austin Garages at Burton-on-Trent
Hope this assists your search

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