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Reebs 20th November 2018 23:29

S525 OVP - Restoration Comments Thread
Use this thread to post any comments regarding the restoration of OVP the club car from the closed sticky thread here

:smilie_re: S525 OVP - Restoration: The Long Road Back

75c 21st November 2018 00:53

Beautiful car. I hope everybody who had a hand in restoring and rescuing her gets a chance to see the completed project (even those who are aren't members now). If you ever want her to do a tour of northern ireland I'm available as a foster mum

Well done everybody !

marinabrian 21st November 2018 01:21

Interesting read, and the car looks not bad compared to what was started with.

Amazing what can be done when you pour many thousands of pounds into an old wreck, and it goes to show anything can be brought back from the brink.

Nice job ;)

Brian :D

Dawn 21st November 2018 07:11

Is this the white OVP that was at the NEC? Is she still owned by the club? The updates on the other thread are old (or my phone isn't scrolling lol)

Reebs 21st November 2018 10:58

Yes, itís the one at the NEC. The thread dates back to the time we first acquired the car, and has been added to by me over the past week to bring it up to date :}

The car is an asset of the club.

Teflon 21st November 2018 11:50

OVP looked beautiful under the lights at the NEC and it's great to see the little touches that hark back to the cars previous working life. The paint shop did a first rate job and she's a real credit to the club.

If the chance arises, it would be great to give her a full detail sometime in the spring :}.


J1MBO 21st November 2018 12:41

A very good read.

Nice to see and hear that the old girl has finally got what she deserved and has been restored :bowdown:.

I wasn't up to attending the Classic Motor Show this year, may one ask when "OVP" will be next appearing in person?


Reebs 21st November 2018 12:53

Sheíll be at the March National at the Fleet Air Arm in the Westcountry (details to follow when I next get a spare few hours) then with any luck the second National oop North.

Now sheís done, letís get her out to as many members as we can :sunny:

Les4048 21st November 2018 13:48

No thanks left to give Paul, used them all up this morning reading the excellent updates. Thank you for taking the time to post an update and pictures too

FLYING BANANA 21st November 2018 14:17

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I got to drive OVP at the NEC, only moved her into her parked position on the stand. But what a joy to drive her.

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