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Graham1961 22nd June 2022 15:33

Outdoor car cover
Hi folks.

Recently my council garage rent has been getting rather expensive, so I have a drive in front of the house where I can keep the Rover, however I would require a good quality outdoor car cover, I have an indoor one, but it will just blow off.

Could anyone send me a link where I can buy a good quality cover suitable to protect the cars paintwork, also needs to be able to be tied down or hooked to the wheels.

Roderick 22nd June 2022 16:56

Take a look at;

macafee2 22nd June 2022 17:01

How about something like this?

I just did a search via Google for tents but car tent garage also gave me some options


coolguy 22nd June 2022 21:24

I am not a fan of outdoor covers - they can scratch or sweat. I find a regular polish keeps the paint fine, but I do it at least once a week - not practical if time is of the essence or you live in a very wet area.

coab 23rd June 2022 06:56

From people I've spoken to that use those covers ensure the inner lining is a soft cotton like material or the vinyl cover will leave abrasions on the paint over time.;)

FLYING BANANA 23rd June 2022 07:43

I had a heavy duty cover with a fleece lining plus it had breathing vents. Ok in the dry but totally useless in the wet as the vents let in the water. Then it was a pain getting the cover dry to put back on the car.

smudge.g 23rd June 2022 07:54

I have a tourer and this is what i bought last year off Amazon, very tough, waterproof and has several ties front and back and a central undercar strap.
very happy with it so far and remains in place during strong winds (of which we get lots of!). It covers down to middle of the wheels.

dave lincs 23rd June 2022 09:05

I have a stormforce one that i bought made for a 75 still brand new in bag that i might part with

Robson Rover Repair 23rd June 2022 21:36

I've done a video about one that I've used for years on my various 75s as I've no garage anymore.

I've never had any issues with scratching or grim, and I've one car parked under a tree currently also which having done a check before posting this is almost as clean as when I parked it up two years ago.

coolguy 24th June 2022 10:33

Don't forget, if you go down this route, to notify your Insurance Company that the car is no longer garaged. It is also likely to put your premium up.

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