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Huey 15th June 2014 16:35

Sidetops - -that is a beautiful motor you have there sir! :D

MGStephen 15th June 2014 16:40

Stripping the engine of a ZT to go into my ZT-T

Almost there

Jordan Apex 15th June 2014 17:28

Got some wishbone mounts delivered, I can treat them to some paint and rust prevention and then put some mruff poly bushes in when they become available :D

Ratty 15th June 2014 17:42

started to refurb wheels.

Jordan Apex 15th June 2014 17:43


Originally Posted by Ratty (Post 1706632)

Ooh :drool4:

arodriguez 15th June 2014 19:29

Radiator has been weeping for a while now so finally got that replaced and fitted a Spencer Ashley metal T piece - no more coolant whiffs at the traffic lights. Whilst the bumper was off I also fitted a 500Hz Hi-Tone second horn. She now honks with real purpose, presence and regality:D

If anybody is still harboring thoughts about fitting the second horn then just do it. Best upgrade I ever did... I also have a low-tone going for postage if anybody needs one :shrug:

rathlindri 15th June 2014 22:26


Originally Posted by Sidetops (Post 1706563)
Machine mopped, and Supagard glazed the whole car today. Has a mirror finish and looks nearly brand new, but I'm absolutely done in! :D


Time well spent, gorgeous motor!

Mikeal1 15th June 2014 22:43


Originally Posted by rathlindri (Post 1706944)
Time well spent, gorgeous!

The car isn't bad either

MangoMan 16th June 2014 14:14

Decided to 'age' my Black Leather on my Steering Wheel... Was much too shiny!



Much better me thinks.... :D

klarzy 16th June 2014 16:08

new windscreen fitted, well I couldn't be bothered to clean the old one..;)

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