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Bigcul1 31st January 2014 18:56

Today I sent admiring glances towards my 75 :D

ianfletcher 31st January 2014 18:57

Today I picked my car up from the garage after it had the nearside drive shaft replaced because the original one snapped on Sunday

rathlindri 31st January 2014 19:07

Brilliant guys, a nice eclectic mix, just what I was hoping for! Keep them coming...


barann 31st January 2014 19:07

Today dropped car at the garage to have rusty brake pipes replaced and cruise control switch reset :bowdown:

Mills2009 31st January 2014 19:33

Today the ZTT had a new OEM thermostat fitted. All toasty and warm once more!

Lynyrd Skynner 31st January 2014 19:41

Today I drove the ZT to work parked in the car park where it sat having a "all day wash " for free , pi55ed down all day , then I drove it home....

Captain Crappycrimp 31st January 2014 19:42

Today I completely ignored the evil money pit and applied for the details of my previous ZTT so I can buy it back.:D

GED75 31st January 2014 19:58

i did nothing, its working fine :eek:

DaveyC 31st January 2014 20:14

Today I had my new clocks T4d and fitted by Terry at TS Autos :D

And continued fitting my wrapped dash parts

andy1968 31st January 2014 20:17

Today I booked my 75 in for a service next Monday and treated it to 50 litres of diesel

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