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klarzy 18th April 2016 23:41

looks like an RTA with a Slinky...

Fifer 19th April 2016 00:08

I hope that the ducting will be here in a few days time. I'll get some pics taken, and let you know how it goes.


keithst24 19th April 2016 19:23

Ordered my ZT a Seat Leon Cupra R front splitter....hopefully a job to do at weekend after the stainless steel Powerflow has been made and fitted.....Pics to follow :drool4::D

mr m 19th April 2016 20:35

today i flushed the cooling system twice to remove all the muck from previous owners (been meaning to do this since i purchased the car), tomorrow i will do it again and then fill with new antifreeze after i replace the lower coolant rail as it appears to be made of solid rust and is leaking! (have had a small loss of coolant for a few months now at least i now know where it is going).


Dallas 19th April 2016 23:56

New Tyres
Bought two new tyres for the front today, Accelera's at 52.50 each fully fitted including VAT.
They seem to have a very nice sporty tread pattern and tyre wall, if you're into that sort of thing. :D

Fuel efficiency: C.
Wet Grip: C.
Noise: 72dB.

Bigcul1 20th April 2016 10:28

Today I found that my new rear brake pads are knocking.........badly so I have ordered some TRW pads to the correct size. Buy cheap buy twice as they say. I also found that my dying boot release button, has died. Awkward when I needed to get the pram out the boot. :duh:

DaPol 20th April 2016 16:06

Today I have mostly sworn a lot as some little s**tbag appears to have reversed into when I was parked up and then driven off without leaving as much as a note, and for some reason my dashcam didn't catch the car I suspect did it driving off :(

8" gouge in the lacquercoat on my NSR wheel arch, there's a fairly sharp fold in the panel, and their paint left on my rear bumper and also on my wheel.

I've paid the shopping center this happened at a tenner to see if they can find the impact on CCTV (they consider this a DPA Subject Access Request and charge accordingly). I should hear in the next fortnight.

If they find the reg number of the NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD- who did this then the local police are getting a "Failing to stop" to investigate, and experience says that if you provide this lot with a reg number they're pretty good at putting the frightners on the runaway driver (somebody did this to my girlfriends motorcycle last year - were very suprised with the Traffic cruiser appeared and two slightly surly police officers started making pointed observations about the neat semicircle cut in their rear bumper that was almost exactly the shape of a motorcycle exhaust....)

Not taking this one near the insurance, as given what these cars are going for these days, I'll end up with a ding to my NCD, no money and having to pay myself my excess to retain the car.

It's still drivable, but the plan I had to try and make it genuinely nice has pretty much just been sunk.

ZedTeeT 20th April 2016 17:03

Well I thought about doing some tinkering on my ZT-T, but in the end I managed to do........ absolutely nothing at all and just enjoyed the sun for a change. :D:D:D

RogerHeinz57 20th April 2016 17:48

My 75 finally got some of my attention today, after carrying out a major amount of work on a Dorchester 75 yesterday.
Mine got a working engine fan control box, now we have the air con back :}
Also the under tray got fitted back on after some tidying up of the front sub frame and some cleaning up !
This car is getting better and better, just need more time on it to finish off the other list of jobs............ :eek:

klarzy 20th April 2016 21:02

Today I dropped my headlining, removed the loom and spliced in half of an ultrasonic alarm loom, tomorrow I will fit the loom and cut the hole for the alarm sensor.
Then if time I will update the zcs coding...

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