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Trick 6th August 2019 00:49

YN56UDW 2007 ZT-CDTi
Evening All,

YN56UDW is for sale, having been replaced with a homage to MG a MX-5. I would like 700 for it (the MG) but I am open to offers.

18,815th ZT out of 18,894 so less than 80 made after this one!
150th ZT CDTi (135) out of 188 less than 40 CDTI made
310th ZT in Mica Blue (Ignition) (code: JGY) out of 323 Mica Blue (Ignition) ZTs only 13 more made of this colour!

The interesting bits first.
It was registered in January 2007 nearly 2 years after being made. It is probably the last ZT CDTI (135) registered.
It has spent the last 3 years being used as an "in between cars" hence the mileage has not significantly increased currently around 98k and from purchase 78k to now so has only covered around 20k in the last 3 years. Shortly after purchase it went to Andy for a new clutch, new cylinders, a rear wheel bearing and a service.
The engine is fine and I would bet there are a few good miles left. However!
There is a rumble which to me is the thrust bearing on the clutch.
The well known issue on the rear drop links knocking is present.
The vague steering at the front tells me although the drop links were replaced at the last MOT they may need a looking at again.
It may be me but I think a new near side front wheel bearing may be needed.
Thermostat has been changed to inline version, so toasty and warm, plenums regularly checked.
The usual SRS light is on!
Frustratingly there is an intermittent issue with the bulb failure light.
There is a paint mark on the rear bumper and a couple of age related marks.
It is SORN and MOT until the 9th August? A bit of work and it will pass and become a low mileage interesting rolling restoration.
The interior is OK there is a small tear on drivers bolster.

It has the desirable 11 spoke alloys which the previous owner decided to spray white!
All in all the bodywork is fine, no rust and or corrosion issues.
I bought a "spare" BX04XVF ZT so there are a few spares included. notably an exhaust and a full rear suspension with relatively new springs to go with it.

The spare is going for scrap either this week or next, if you want it I can throw that in for the right price.

Realistically if someone turns up this week and offers 500 for both they are yours. My mobile is 07950 651980 but does not have a signal where I work. so after 6pm please.

I am now going to try and upload photos! Wish me luck!

Trick 13th August 2019 21:05

Looks like very little interest from members so I will be putting it on eBay.

Trick 18th August 2019 08:25

We may knock eBay but I now have 1,000 views and 40 watchers, declined two offers so looks like the 500 is a good and fair price! If it does not get the 500 I will probably keep it and wheeler dealer it over the winter.

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