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Neonaise 13th September 2021 16:46

Highest score in the spotting game
I'm on the road for work and on my travels I spot cars on drives, on the Road (obviously) and to pass the time play the spotting games.

I travel to various areas all the time and you get to know where certain cars usually park.

My best score in one day was 7 and then that became 8 if you included mine!

The other pastime is the award for most unusual/rare or just plain fantastic car you've seen that day.


patrolman pete 13th September 2021 19:02

Iíve travelled from the northeast to Gorran Haven in Cornwall and Iíve seen 3 but not all in the same day. A grey ZTT on the A1 last week , a mk2 75 in the Lidl car park in St Austell yesterday and a blue ? Mk1 75 in a lay-by on our way back from Truro today. Iíve stopped mentioning if Iíve seen a 75/ZT as no one waves and never seem to be part of our club . However on our campsite yesterday a fellow camper ( in a caravan not a tent like us ! ) complimented me on our moonstone tourer and said as a 52 reg car she was a credit to us .

trikey 13th September 2021 21:08

500 miles covered yesterday and not one 75 or ZT spotted on the roads, plenty of the new ZS though.

Mansfield 14th September 2021 01:13

I did 600 miles yesterday, while driving I spotted 1 then I spotted 1 walking round Portsmouth

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Neonaise 15th September 2021 18:56

Only scored one today (2 with mine :D).

A nice light blue 2.0 CDT on an X plate in a village called Tenbury Wells on the Herefordshire/Shropshire border.I

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